I-MESH by S.I. Srl

Architectural Designs

I-MESH is an innovative material invented to assume a leading position in the field of solar protection indoors/outdoors. Its physical, technological, formal characteristics together with its high aesthetical potential makes it eligible as a proper architectural material. It outclasses metallic grids for its design versatility and sustainability; it’s an easily custom made mesh  in line with the architectural thought, with the story of the commissioning client, with the brand.

In the many fields of application it allows the designer to achieve innovative performances with creativity gesture, at the same time granting environmental sustainability, recycling and energy saving.

I-MESH is a multi-axial and multifunctional mesh: an invention, a new frontier to be discovered by the creative minds of contemporary designers and architects for the industry they are related to.

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Zona Industriale Artigianale 60026 Marche Italy
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