Work Elevated

Just a few years ago, trying to buy a height-adjustable desk was, quite frankly, pretty frustrating. The only options for average consumers were either pricey or unstable or required an engineering degree to put together. So, we created VARIDESK to help out an employee with chronic back pain who couldn’t find a standing desk that was affordable and easy to use. Pretty soon, the orders were pouring in!

Thanks to research from heavy hitters like The Mayo Clinic, most of us are aware that excessive sitting is a serious health risk. That’s why we made VARIDESK affordable and accessible to everyone – whether you sit in a cubicle or a corner office.

What makes VARIDESK so great? Well, picture this: You order a desk from this site, it arrives quickly, comes out of the box fully assembled, sits right on top of your existing desk – and in minutes you have the freedom to work standing or sitting any time you want. Pretty soon, you’re energized, focused, free of back pain, and burning calories like crazy – all while getting things done. No tools, no middle man, and no huge expenses. That’s our goal: to make it easy for anyone to work smarter, work healthier, and perform at their very best.