Ortal’s Breathtaking Line of Indoor/Outdoor Tunnel Fireplaces

Defy convention with Ortal’s Indoor/Outdoor Tunnel fireplace. Featuring clean lines, this luxurious model pushes the boundaries of contemporary design. Connect a patio with a living room, a dining room with a deck, or a bedroom with a pool. Bring fresh-air beauty indoors, extend the comfort of a living space outside, and connect both worlds with the splendor of a dancing flame.

The Indoor/Outdoor Tunnel fireplace represents the height of sophistication. Visible from both sides of a structural wall, they can both divide and unify space, all while drawing the eye and emitting warmth. Regulate the temperature inside with state-of-the-art efficiency. Light a warm fire and enjoy your outdoor living space through the fall and even winter months.

Tunnel fireplaces serve as testaments to versatility. They can divide an interior living space or connect the exterior with the interior. They stand out in nearly any setting. Encase them in solid walls of granite, marble, stone, cement, or metal. Surround your fireplace with artwork or let the sleek lines speak for themselves.

The Details:

  • Available in natural gas or propane
  • Decorative Media Options:
    o   Wood Style: Split Oak Ceramic Fiber Logs, Charred Oak Clay Logs, Driftwood Logs
    o   Mixture of long and short branches
    o   Ceramic Fiber Stones
    o   Polished Ceramic Glass: Colors in Blue, Amber, Black or Clear
  • Frameless design can be integrated into any wall or architectural element

The Technology:

  • Direct Vent Technology – Ortal manufactures the most efficient, heat-producing fireplaces in the world, thanks to our state-of-the-art direct vent technology.
  • Power Vent System – Place one of Ortal’s fireplaces virtually anywhere. Ortal’s Power Vent system more than doubles the length of your possible pipe run, giving you significantly more design freedom.
  • Cool Wall Technology – Allows you to safely hang artwork, a TV, or any other desired visual directly above an Ortal fireplace.
  • Double Glass Heat Barrier – Brings the temperature of the outside glass down to a safe level, via a ventilation layer created by invisible and silent small fans. Thus, allowing an added layer of safety without interfering with the level of desired warmth throughout the room.

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