Simple. Organized.

Designed for your workflow, Luuma makes it easy to do it all.
Organize your projects your way. From the big picture to the tiniest details.
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Make more room for innovative, creative design.

Walk through your design projects with Luuma. Start on a floor, select a space, then bring your vision to life. You don’t have to waste time searching for your features and selections.  Everything is exactly in the room where  you want it!


Every room is a gallery

Designing is visual. Luuma makes organizing your visual information easier. You can take photos, upload drawings, or paste images directly into each space. Search our built-in feature lists and reference your own ever-growing collection.


Know what’s in your project

Easily navigate project overviews. See the summary of spaces, features, confirmations, extras and deficiencies. All in-app for you and your team. Stay on track.


From anywhere

Knowing you can depend on LUUMA helps you unwind after a busy day or while you’re away. Lighten your load, no hulking job books, no piles of paper. Peace of mind with everything at your fingertips.


Show off your stuff

Pull it all together in seconds.

“Storyboards” and “Show Me” allow you to easily view and present anything in your spaces or project.  Show off on your tablet and computer or print the pieces you want.