Acoustical Wood Walls & Ceiling panels

Creative Architectural Acoustics - Green Acústica

The acoustic environment in a room is very important; especially when it comes to, for example, lecture halls, airport terminals or concert halls. Some frequencies should be amplified, and others must be attenuated or removed. our panels affect and regulate the acoustics without sacrificing beautiful design – truly designed for eyes and ears.

Our range of wood products comprises of acoustic panels for wall and ceiling coverings, suited for public buildings such as conference rooms, concert halls and auditoria. For schools and other similar high trafficked rooms we have special high impact resistant panel solutions. There is a wide range of options when it comes to surfaces and finishes, so there are many possibilities to vary the look and feel of the finished room.  we have combined unique design with flexible installation.


Our innovative range of ribs and planks for cladding of walls and ceilings. with our Linear System you achieve a reliable, labour saving and exclusive interior finish.


The Ribs are made with real wood veneer and use a Quick-Up installation system. Naturally, our Linear system offers a design attribute which incorporates the best fire rating, optimal sound absorption and diffusion properties. Our high impact resistant rib (HIR) has been specially designed for tough environments.


Our Linear Planks lets you combine a beautiful linear design with the best possible fire rating. Using our installation system a perfect end result will be guaranteed as well as the option to fully integrate the Planks with Panels and Ribs. Every Plank comes with one unique and full crown veneer flitch for the most exclusive experience.

The Modules come fully assembled and ready to use, including the acoustic felt. The Module system provides a quick, user friendly and concealed installation and a modern linear look in solid wood. A look that can be adapted to your request when it comes to the rib dimension and the spacing in between them, but also the type of wood and wood treatment.


Form and function go hand in hand. We collaborate closely with architects and designers and are attentive to what lies in the future. Our design is constantly evolving as we develop different surfaces, such as veneer, laminates, textiles, metals, and colours. You can combine the Panel System with our Linear System.


the Acoustic Panel System. can help create an aesthetically satisfying and acoustically adjusted environment. Sound absorption, for example, is attained by using perforated or slotted panels in combination with mineral wool and an air space to achieve the correct acoustic profile. Our various acoustic standard patterns are tested and documented to achieve known sound absorption coefficients for both walls and ceilings. We also give the possibility to create your own perforation pattern. Contact us and we will tell you more.


Our manufacturers have a long history within the joinery industry. We know what it takes to make unique items. Even though many of today’s  projects involve thousands of square feet we are still able,thanks to our flexible production, to assist you even with specially formed parts. Parts that make a big difference! To curve parts of a wall or a ceiling is a beautiful design possibility that we offer. We can form press panels from a radius of 24″ and larger. Some panels can be curved during installation.


For interiors with an extra high level of traffic, we can offer our high impact panels. These panels are also extra scratch resistant and are available with veneered and colored surfaces.


You can design every panel in a completely unique way. Design panel by panel or spread your graphics over several panels with a seamless transference. You can get your print directly on the veneer or on laminate or on craft paper.