Acoustical Wall Panels

Creative Architectural Acoustics - Green Acústica

Green Acústica –  Acoustical Fabric Wrapped Panels have been engineered in various densities and thickness for superior sound absorption and balanced acoustic design ideal for wall applications and can be fabric faced or digitally printed utilizing the latest technology.

Our fabric wrapped Panels are fabricated with either fibreglass or Polyester core materials


Multipurpose Halls/Auditoriums/Call Centres /open plan / offices/conference rooms/restaurants/classrooms/music rooms/Lecture halls/measurement and research spaces/studios/gymnasiums/sports halls/ and theatres

Why Polyester?

Polyester is insect proof, and is not attacked by – nor does it provide nourishment for – keratin eating insects. Polyester is hydrophobic and naturally repels water; hence the product remains largely unaffected by exposure to moisture. Polyester is used in a wide variety of applications where safety is of the utmost concern, confirming its status as safe, cost effective and long term option for architects, builders and home owners. Safe, non-toxic and non-irritant will not off-gas VOCs

Composition & Materials:

Green Acústica polyester panels are environmently friendly manufactured from 100% polyester fibers thermo-bonded and treated with a flame retardant material. It has a 65% post-consumer content (recycled plastic beverage)

Standard Dimensions:
Can be custom designed with the panel range of 4’x8′
Thickness: 1″ / 2″ / 3″ / 4″

Key Benefits.

-Made from 100% polyester fibres
-Excellent acoustic performance
-Highly durable providing long‐term stability and performance
-Recyclable and environmentally  friendly
-Safe, non‐toxic, non‐irritant and will not off‐gas VOC’s
-Light‐weight and easy to handle
-Design flexibility with our ability to provide cut shapes and custom color printing
-Manufactured under strict ISO 9001 Control Systems