Acoustical Ceiling Baffel – Green Acústica

Creative Architectural Acoustics

Green Acústica Acoustical Baffles consist of two 1″ (25mm) thick cores assembled to produce an  overall 2″  thick baffle, which is then fabric wrapped.

All baffles are fastened with aluminum strips for suspension (wire cable, chain etc). Green Acústica Baffles allow interior designers to explore new horizons and establish new boundaries.

lightweight, semi rigid, impact resistant and incredibly durable.

Engineered  for superior sound absorption and balanced acoustic design

Fabricated in both Polyester and Fiberglass core.

Baffle Types
Size: Custom made to sizes within standard 4’ x 8’
Edge: Resin hardened edge
Option: impact resistant surface
Density: 6 to 8 PCF
Core: Optional Fiberglass / Polyester