Will you create our online listing based upon the print listing material supplied?

Yes. All the print listings will be made into online listings by the end of November. Once the online listing is created, the advertiser may go into their listing to modify it at any time or contact us to assist.

When can I start creating my online listings?

Immediately! Upon booking, we set up the login credentials within 24 hours. There is no need to wait until we’ve created the listing based upon your print listing.

For the online listing, can we work on it directly with you or we would just go ahead and add the listing ourselves online?

Both – some clients like to add it themselves or if they need help, our production team is happy to assist.

What size do my images need to be?

For optimal viewing, make sure that your images are web-ready: resolution of 72 dpi and 450 pixels in height. We recommend that you upload a minimum of three images to your listing gallery.

Are we able to view before it goes live or edit once it’s live?

Yes. Listings may be saved as drafts or submitted for approval. Once live, the listings may be modified at any time.

Will there be a link to our site?

Yes. You may include as many relevant links as you like to: web pages, white papers, email, etc.

How long will my online listing appear on

One year from the time of purchase.

After one year, is the listing automatically removed or are we notified to renew?

Expired listings will not be removed until after our renewal campaign. All advertisers will be emailed a renewal form at least one month prior to the expiry date.

Is there newsletter inclusion in this?

Yes! We have recently introduced a ‘product showcase’ section in all three enewsletters (Canadian Architect, Canadian Interiors and Building). A company will be included at least once within the year in one or more of the enewsletters. Placement by publication is based upon the type of product or service to connect our readers and advertisers with the most appropriate audience.

Should the listing be for our brand in general or a specific product?

It depends – it’s up to you. Some have created a ‘Company’ listing that is just general information. Then they’ve divided their listings by product line. It really gives you a chance to showcase your product as a standalone item.

Will there be a sponsorship or advertising notification of any kind on the listing?


Are new listings shared on your social media platforms at all?

Yes! Just like our enewsletters, we will be sharing the listings through all channels to our readership.


What do we need for the print listing?

You’ll need an image, headline, description and contact info e.g. email, phone number and/or website. Our online Print Designer Tool makes it easy to create your listing exactly how you want it.

Where do I create my print listing(s)?

Use our online Print Designer Tool to create your listings for the annual print edition of the Design Source Guide.

Can you give me some design tips?

Absolutely. See our Print Designer Tool Tips for full specifications and best practices.

How do I send you my print listing?

You can submit your print listing once you’ve approved it in the Print Designer Tool or simply email it to us at [email protected].

If I purchase multiple listings, do they have to be the same image and text?

Only if you want… For example, if you purchased 3 print listings, you may want to use the same creative for all three listings, but you would select three different categories for your listings to appear in (e.g. Kitchen Products, Kitchen & Cabinetry, Millwork & Molding).

Using the same scenario, you may also provide different creatives for each listing – with the listings placed all in the same category or in different categories.

Should the listing be for our brand in general or a specific product?

It depends – it’s up to you.

If you have purchased one print listing, then your listing will be placed within one category. Typically, you would select your primary business category (e.g. Kitchen Products).

Alternatively, others have purchased multiple listings (Package B or C or more) to appear in several categories (e.g. Kitchen Products, Kitchen & Cabinetry, Millwork & Molding). It really gives you a chance to showcase your various product lines.

Do we get to approve the copy before the listing goes to print?

Absolutely. Our easy-to-use Print Designer Tool allows you to preview your print listing as it will appear in the book. You will be able to edit the listing before submitting.

Will there be a link to our site?

Yes. You may include one web link.

Will we receive a copy of the print issue?

Yes. The print issue of the Design Source Guide will be mailed out to all advertisers.

Have another question? Please contact:

Laura Moffatt
Manager, Publishing Operations
[email protected]
416-441-2085 ext. 104