ORLÉANS and OASIS Fan Heaters

Designed by: Stelpro



The ORLÉANS and OASIS fan heaters embody the epitome of modern luxury. Designed to delicately shake the standards of the bathroom products industry, these heating devices have been developed into a range that meets the nuanced needs of consumers through innovative design and advanced technology.







Originating from thermodynamic studies, these units have distinctive designs highlighted by organic and clean lines. Their compact shape allows for a recessed installation that elegantly blends in with any décor. Selecting a heating product is no longer an obligation, but rather a design choice.







They operate efficiently to attain and maintain an optimal temperature, thanks to the “Boost” mode. The built-in electronic controls offer connectivity options that make these heaters ready for an intuitive smart home experience. And their quiet operation will contribute to the soothing ambiance of this private retreat.