Novelio Nature

Designed by: Levey Industries



Novelio Nature is a range of elegant glass fiber wallcoverings distributed exclusively by LEVEY. With immense functionality and a highly stylish finish that is ready to use, no painting required – Novelio Nature wallcoverings are an innovative solution for buildings that require high-end aesthetic appeal, added durability and impressive environmental benefits. This durable collection of wallcoverings is suited for use in a variety of public spaces such as hotels, offices, surgery rooms, schools and more.







This environmentally friendly substrate is manufactured utilizing non-toxic, PVC free materials – 90% of which are produced from natural resources. A notable element in the construction of Novelio Nature is the use of silica sand, a naturally occurring and rapidly renewable resource which is then spun into long strands of glass fiber and densely woven to ultimately be fashioned into the final product.






This glass textile’s natural composition allows for walls to breathe, prohibiting moisture related issues in addition to creating a VOC free environment through elimination of airborne formaldehyde. Patented CleanAir technology permanently traps and eliminates up to 70% of airborne formaldehyde, a known irritant to those suffering from asthma.







Due to its innovative glass textile formation, Novelio Nature wallcoverings are of commercial grade durability, offering lasting and protective benefits to any interior wall – ensuring the timeless elegance of Novelio Nature can be enjoyed for much longer than paper wallcoverings. Being made from silica sand – a durable material that is not affected by either water or the sun, Novelio Nature wallcoverings provide a highly functional wall protection system.






Impact resistant, washable and resilient to any fading or discoloration over time, Novelio Nature wallcoverings are ideal for heavy wear and tear in residential, hospitality developments, schools, healthcare and commercial office applications.








Readily available in four subtle patterns; Grace, Pure, Charm and Flair – the aesthetic appeal of Novelio nature is further expanded when considered as a medium for digital printing. Custom designs and patterns can be scaled to any size, and seamlessly tiled to cover even the grandest of spaces.