A Modern Sliding Door Fit For A Cat

Designed by: Dusil Design







This modern sliding door is a mix of rustic and industrial. Unique and custom made, this door has three layers of mild steel with CNC laser precision cut-outs. The first layer is painted black, the center is naturally rusted and the final outer panel raw steel and protected with a clear coat.















The wood inserts are repurposed barn wood, untouched, to soften the look of the cold metals. The thought process behind the door design was to allow a cat to access through the cut-out steel when closed and prevent any dog. The door, when closed, also provides natural light from the main floor into the stairwell and minimal visual barrier to the room below.











Not only functional but also a hanging piece of art that creates an interest to whoever walks by. Barn doors have become a popular trend for interiors and are commonly made of solid wood to mimic a ‘barn door’ look. Dusil Design has taken this opportunity to make these entryways one of a kind. I have been working with metal for over 10 years and have a blacksmith background.













I have combined hammered metal with CNC laser cut steels sheets to add interest in both the interior and exterior design. Metal is fascinating in that is can be hammered, cut, welded, bent and curved. I find it forgiving in nature because it is so malleable.












With having a fondness for the Industrial modern design I hope to find likeminded clients and that are interested in unusual functional art pieces for both inside and out.