Intelligent Structural Panel

Designed by: WZMH Architects



The vision for the Intelligent Structural Panel is quite simple: take all the components and processes that go into constructing a floor and shear wall in a building and combine it into one product – but with a ‘brain’. The ISP panel is fabricated off-site with skilled labour, installed on site with minimal labour and is 100% complete once its ‘plugged’ in. Many of the components that are installed after the structure are in place (i.e. mechanical, electrical, IT, etc.) are now part of the ISP panel.




The Intelligent Structural Panel (ISP) is a concept idea that combines two very different components – the sandwich plate system and the ‘Internet of Things’. These two components result in an intelligent building system that can be used for floors and walls in lieu of traditional structural elements such as reinforced concrete or steel decking – but with the added benefit of containing the buildings intelligent infrastructure.




The Intelligent Structural Panel (ISP) includes a sandwich plate system pioneered by Intelligent Engineering, known as SPS® ( which includes a top steel plate, polyurethane core (developed jointly by BASF) and a bottom steel plate. The thickness of the SPS® panel varies depending on project requirements but generally, a 50mm thick panel is equivalent to a 200mm thick reinforced concrete slab.






The ISP solution incorporates a number of various electronic components within the core of the SPS panel – resulting in a structural panel that in essence is a computer motherboard –with sensors, speakers, electrical and data distribution, heat and smoke detection, radiant floor heating, etc. The ISP incorporates a large number of what are typically surface mounted and exposed services – all contained within the core of the panel.






The key feature of the ISP is the intelligent infrastructure that communicates with the Internet of Things and provides a solution for the occupants in the building that is geared towards a user-friendly, barrier-free accessible and safe environment. The future of the ISP will be a panel system that will be capable of an infinite number of solutions for all users of buildings.