How Fragile This Love

Designed by: Claste



“how fragile this love” is an exploration, pushed to its limit, revealing the essential nature that is left behind when all superfluous components and concepts have been discarded in favor of the pure element of an idea. To suspend a solid slab of stone within the transparent planes of glass was the simple, minimal idea that drove the design development of the whole project.








The design hinged on the delicate nature of how these two materials touched each other and it became imperative that the stone actually float so it was determined that any form of hardware or visible connection would detract from the essence of the idea.









Through a series of vigorous investigations and experiment,s it was concluded that the stone could be glued directly to the glass using a UV bond. Once cured, the invisible nature of the joint reinforces the notion of floating and lightness but also a sense of fragility which in turn initiates a moment of pause and reflection.









While the use of stone represents strength and permanence it was important to retain the sense of delicateness and fragility of the overall look. To achieve this a sheet of tempered glass was laminated between two layers of onyx marble and then capped on all sides with miter joints and hand polished to create the appearance of a solid slab while achieving the structural capacity required to be functional.







The end result is a chair that challenges our preconceived notions and expectations of what furniture should be. An object that surprises you with its unexpected comfort, with its unapparent strength; a piece that embraces tension rather than rejects it so as to enhance and transform the commonplace into something meaningful and pure.