Designed by: UUfie






The “echo” tables envision an elusive reality of nature where metal and wood become one. The beauty of wood is that it can tell a story of history while metal’s beauty is expressed through its malleability.









By using a technique of exposing the hardwood (season of winter) and removing the softwood (season of summer), it allows the metal to forge between each growth cycle. The result is read externally.









The beauty expressed in the gradation between the two materials, seamlessly dependent and creating a distinct singular surface. The lightness and thinness of the table top and legs further enhance the intangible appearances of the tables.










Each table made from a composite of wood which tapers out at the edges and blends into metal. The strength of metal enabled unreal thinness in a typical wood table. The table tops are made in three different sizes and vary in organic shapes which allows motion around the table to be natural in any space.










The table top rests on slender legs that emphasize a slightly curved bottom, similar to droplets with a narrow section in the middle. The tables are made of aluminum, copper, and brass, and features contrasting gradients of colour as a result.