Designed by: Baril




About BARiL
Faucet-Maker by trade and by the love of the trade. BARiL Design has been dedicated to the industry since 1986. Driven by our passion for the unconventional, we excel at designing, manufacturing and distributing faucets. Insistence on quality, aesthetic awareness, and free vision: these are our ideals. For the love of audacity, BARiL Design takes risks. We dare to be innovative, we dare to be reliable, we dare to be responsible; we dare to pursue design. We demand bold and accessible design, where style meets function.






ANGLE, a faucet combining style and function
In line with the business philosophy of combining style and ingenuity, this innovative kitchen faucet merges technology and trends to meet the most exacting requirements in terms of functional design. Developed around a strong profile and in perfect control of the shapes, ANGLE enabled the redrawing of components by creating simple and efficient intersections that redefine the trends of this environment.







The handle, repositioned on the angled base, creates the essence of the visual signature while the magnetic two-spray head mounted on a polypropylene hose – which eliminates friction and noise – completes the functional aspect. In addition to its unique technical features, the brushed black finish adds style and sophistication ahead of today’s trends.









At BARiL, we are proud to have a rigorous process built in association with the Institute of products development as well as our team expertise, including industrial designers and engineers. Furthermore, we work closely with Alto Design as strategic partner to ensure the coherence of our final decisions.












The Team behind ANGLE
Marie-Eve Baril, André Ciaccia, Claire Mallet and Jean-Sébastien Baril united their extensive know-how to create the faucet. From prototyping and testing to marketing, this model was entirely developed in Canada.