3M DiChroic Film

Designed by: Levey Industries




3M DiChroic glass film collection of high-end decorative window films combines beauty, light, and color with extraordinary technology to create a unique, affordable solution for interior glass surfaces. Designed to mimic the brilliant iridescent look of pigment-less butterfly wings, the shimmering color-shifting films are made with premium materials and are available in warm and cool tones.








3M DiChroic glass films play with the light, reflecting and bouncing it to reveal a natural color spectrum. The resulting effect is of a look of true Dichroic glass but at a fraction of the cost and installation time.











Featured in the King Street Causeway, IBI Group’s winning parklet design in Toronto’s coveted Everyone is King: Design Build Competition – IBI Group worked with LEVEYas authorized national distributor of 3M architectural products to contribute the specific architectural film needed for the creation of an important visual element in the parklet design.










The 3M DiChroic Architectural Film in the shades Chill and Blaze supplied by LEVEY were laminated and then sandwiched between layers of acrylic provided for added outdoor durability. This was ultimately fashioned into hexagonal beacons with dichroic, and lifelike movement qualities during the day as well as at night when illuminated by a network of secret LED light sources.










Drawing inspiration from the interlocking hexagonal basalt columns of the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland, a natural wonder from ancient volcanic fissure eruptions, IBI conceived of the King Street Causeway to be comprised of a multitude of hexagonal components at varying heights ensuring that no two views are the same.











The design of the components are carefully thought out so as to be comfortably used as seats, footrests, and tables with the intention of becoming a gathering point in the city’s entertainment district for locals and visitor’s alike becoming an ambient gathering point that appeals to Toronto’s vibrant nightlife.