Raven Studio Inc – Corporate Re-branding & Environmental Design

Designed by: Signify Design






Our project scope was to develop a new brand image for our client and introduce this re-imagined identity throughout their corporate office space and showroom. We wanted to convey the idea that branding is more than just putting your mark out there; it is a symbol of your identity and who you are.










Our focus was to inject this new personality into a modern space that featured sleek, minimalistic and mid-century modern inspired furniture without overpowering the presentation. Our design pieces help to enhance the individuality of this small company with a nod to the owners sailing roots.









The custom art installation was created using sailing ropes and cleats, incorporating a quote from sailor and boat designer John MacGregor tying back to the design-focused brand. Upon entering the showroom a 34 sq. ft. mural and dimensional logo greet visitors and perspective clients. This is the first exposure to the brand and is intended to be the focus of the lobby space.








A distressed woodgrain texture is used as a backdrop, a reference to the beautiful woods used in many of the products. This print replaces commonly required distraction banding on the full height glazing allowing it to blend and become part of the piece.









The design studio features a 38.5 sq. ft. vinyl graphic of inspirational quotes and playful typesetting. The colour palette was left neutral allowing the designers in the studio to review and compare furniture swatches without distraction. The mural adds to the brand personality while incorporating one of its major design elements – black and white.









The 196 sq. ft. boardroom mural is a playful adaptation of the client’s product offerings. The scale and patterning add character to an otherwise ordinary boardroom and help to associate the brand icon with the product. The most dramatic piece is the 94 sq. ft. brand-centric graphic located in the centre of this open concept space.









This mural features a large format macro photo of raven feathers and water droplets. Beautifully tying itself to the brand image, staying true to the black and white palette while offering dimension and texture that compliments the surrounding finishes.







The variety of imagery and playfulness inspires a sense of inquisitive exploration for visitors, drawings people from room to room while showcasing the brand and products. The experiential Branding that was created for this client feels cohesive and creates unity throughout the space and with the brand identity. Images can be provided without branding. Signage included aiding in showing project branding.