Shavasana House



Shavasana House 57 Hocken Ave Toronto


This house has been designed to bring serenity, security, peace, light, and efficiency to its occupants.






A limited and durable palette has been used in finishing this home. Including a rugged exterior of Zinc cladding, fiberglass windows, and galvanized steel columns making the exterior very low maintenance & long lasting.












The home is built on an infill lot in the Wychwood neighbourhood of Toronto. Hocken Avenue is an unusual street with garages on the North side and small homes on the South.













The street elevation was designed to reflect the unusual character of the street and take advantage of the limited attractive views and North West exposure including the massive Linden tree in the front yard.













Access to the house is through a side ramp and raised platform making the entry both private and the transition from street level seamless and accessible. This house was also designed to be compact and require little furniture incorporating built-in storage in a variety of areas.










In terms of energy efficiency, the home has incorporated exterior insulation, as well as a radiant heating system throughout making the house both extremely comfortable and quiet. I have called it Shavasana house because when you are in the house there is a feeling similar to the calm one feels at the end of Yoga practice while in the Shavasana position.