Restaurant Yugo

Designed by: Janks Design Group

Restaurant Yugo
4265 Main St
Vancouver, BC



Restaurant Yugo’s cuisine is a blend of modern and sophistication of Japanese and French delicacies. This marriage is carried through to the interior design with an uncomplicated colour palette which brings a balance between the cultures. The main challenge of the space was 4 columns in the room that could not be moved and separated the space in half. They were clad with metal and horizontal wood slats to create a division between the seating areas and a screen from patrons walking in from the entrance.







Japanese elements include lots of natural hemlock wood which is also native to Canada. The hemlock was applied up the wall and over the ceiling in a vertical application. This helped to define the booth seating area and deliver a sense of warmth. A mirror set at eye height when sitting, follows the length of the wall to break up the wood and widen the room. Tiles below the mirror are laid in a herringbone pattern for French flair and to help protect the wall from patrons and food spills. The flooring is a mix of grey tile and LVT to mimic the stone that is quarried in Japan.







The booth seating is constructed with clean straight lines and upholstered with a channeled leather back. The table bases are ornate and topped with a white marbled quartz to emphasize the French half of the concept. The quartz is also a main feature of the bar with a waterfall finish.









Overhead the bar, a continuous light is recessed into the bottom of custom metal and hemlock open shelving that surrounds the perimeter of the service area. This shelving displays the many beverages served in an organized fashion and stacked dishes for easy accessibility for the cooks. Other French elements are curved lights found in the lighting throughout and the brick representative of traditional country interiors.









For a little intrigue, we had fun in the washroom with a modern geometric tile that backed the wall with plumbing. The overall outcome is a clam and inviting interior with a contemporary vintage simplicity.