Private Residence – 2612 Bellevue Ave. West Vancouver, BC

Designed by: FNDA Architecture Inc.


Project Rationale – 2612 Bellevue Ave. West Vancouver, BC








This luxury residence is situated in West Vancouver’s waterfront and the design response was to have the key living areas facing the ocean. The residence is inspired by water and every aspect of the design is played with the concept that man and nature are one and as such places a responsibility on the Architect to celebrate and incorporate nature into the design through the use of natural materials and in this case, celebrating water as a key design element.










The exterior of the residence has an unassuming presence with vistas around and through the house to the water. Entry to the house has cascading water on either side of the stair to the main entrance that is entered by stepping on a “floating platform”. The sound of moving water creates a sense of tranquility and the upper fountain with a negative edge become one with the ocean beyond.












The interior emulates nature’s perfection through details such as the stair, book-matching of the marble walls to the custom designed glass chandelier and the finely crafted millwork and lighting to create the right ambiance for the project. The interior and exterior spaces blend into each other at every level of the house.