Designed by: WilliamsCraig Design Inc


Toronto, Ontario



Located in Toronto’s established Riverdale neighbourhood, this residential project was a complete interior remodel – emphasizing open, flexible spaces and access to natural light.





Considerable time was spent with the client initially to ensure the space embraced how they live now and more importantly how they would grow into their home. The rework of the floor plan and elimination of many interior walls resulted in larger rooms which seamless flow into one another. The design – which balances wonderful historic elements with contemporary moves – pays homage to that which was there before and layering of new design detailing.






The interior sequence utilizes 3 floors for living space. While the open concept main floor captures the living, dining rooms and kitchen. Hidden kitchen storage millwork with bold accent colours presents wonderful hidden surprises. Contrasting a neutral palette with black details is refined and contemporary.






The second floor is for sleeping with 3 bedrooms for this growing family and ensuite bathroom off the master accented with full height millwork and pivot door to the ensuite. The back of the house with wrap around windows houses an important area for the kids to play and enjoy their own space.






Upon ascending the stairs to the 3rd floor, a dramatic red Turkish chandelier floats about the landing. An additional closet was added with a home office that doubles as a guest bedroom, family room, and an additional washroom.









In embarking on a complete renovation of an existing historic home, often the historical features get lost in the redesign and are the first thing to be sacrificed as unforeseen challenges arise during the construction. However, with this project, careful time and detail went into preserving these original elements and integrating them with the new design to ensure a truly unique home where these unexpected details are celebrated and given new life.