Designed by: MSDS STUDIO


Completion date: January 2016
Location: Toronto, On.







The one-part slipcast body of the Ware Lamp explores the formal plasticity of stoneware, creating a sculptural, seamless piece while making it economical to produce. When the lamp is lit the interior volume of the reflector showcases the intricate figuring and texture of the stoneware surface.













This lamp was inspired by our appreciation for Scandinavian lighting design, which is a direct, humanist response to their climate. In order to combat the low average of natural light, they’ve developed very sophisticated customs and regulations in regards to their indoor lighting. Building codes enshrine the importance of indirect, warm lighting with a low luminance, and forbids glare, which is looked at as deleterious to the interior environment.










The Ware lamp is derived specifically from these parameters. The small form at the front of the light conceals the light source – a simple lightbulb – and reflects light backward towards the main body of the lamp, which then reflects the light outward. The soft light that results from this arrangement has the benefit of being warmed by the material as it is reflected.











Material: Slipcast stoneware, porcelain socket, steel core, silicone seal

Supplier: Ceramist – Alissa Coe