Designed by: Johnson Chou Inc.










Design Concept

Located at Toronto Pearson International Airport, the design concept of Air France/KLM Lounge was to blend flowing forms evocative of flight and air currents within a space enveloped in warm wood and metallic finishes reminiscent of vintage airplanes. Entitled Vuelo, Spanish for “flight”, Vuelo was designed to evoke flight through wing-like arms, sleek aerodynamic forms reminiscent airline lounge chairs and metallic fabric upholstery.













Design Solution

The Vuelo, seen throughout the space in various versions as both a side chair, lounge and wingback chair, evokes flight with its subtle winged arms. The lounge and wing-back lounge chairs (ideal for sleeping) sit facing the expansive windows where one can lean back and view actual take-offs and landings.















Completion date: March 2016
Photography(product photos): Blaise Hayward, Nienkämper Corporate Photographer
Photography (context photos, Air France / KLM Lounge): Brenda Liu Photography
Manufacturer: Nienkämper











Main suppliers: Nienkämper