Strom Spa

Designed by: FORREC Ltd









The surprisingly simple architectural concept of the Strøm Spa Sherbrooke, expressed through minimalist and contemporary installations, puts customer experience at the forefront of its preoccupation. The site is cozy and warm, in complete harmony with the natural environment.

















On a lot located in a semi-industrial zone and presenting a rather common landscape on the street side and a bucolic one facing the river, the buildings were used to create a physical barrier between the two sides and to help delimitate the site. The architects’ challenge was to create an immersive experience for the spa patrons.















They succeeded in doing so by articulating the overall layout of the site around the course of the Magog River and around the basins, and by emphasizing selected views that favour the experience. The architecture has been carefully designed to take advantage of all the assets made available by the site.













The rectangular volumes of the various built structures are deposited in order to conform to the shapes of the ground, creating by their superposition or intersection a rich architectural complex, but from which transcends a great simplicity via the use of minimalist and refined geometry.












The baths’ layout was also elaborated in order to orient the thermal experience towards the specific chosen views, taking advantage of the topography and the sunshine of the site. The result is a series of organic-shaped baths spreading along the Magog River, following the contour of the shore by their geometry. The thermal experience of the guests will be unique because every bath, every outdoor and indoor space is in symbiosis with the large body of water of the river.











The materials, whose monochromatic shades are inspired by Quebec’s winter landscapes, help to amplify the desired synergy with the natural environment. The use of dark wood and light wood at the right places creates the contrasts necessary to mark the transition between the interior and the exterior, as is the case at the entrance to the main building of the establishment.




This same contrast of colors is used in the interior design concept – also amplified by the chosen materials – to mark the difference between areas and their uses, between warm and cold. The end-result is a high-contrast environment that still manages to project an overall feeling of softness and warmth, in synergy with the exterior with the help of the glass curtain wall that offers a breathtaking panorama of the Magog River.



The result is a place whose environment is highlighted and whose strength and character are enhanced by architecture.