Pomerleau (Montreal)

Designed by: Lemay







Pomerleau’s head office in Montreal was completely renovated to not only consolidate three lines of business– civil, infrastructure and buildings, as well as their management office – but also to facilitate the integration of a newly acquired construction company.








The new workplace strategy and design sited on four levels (48,000 sq. ft.) play a huge role in helping to maximize the comfort and performance of their workforce. As one of Quebec’s leading construction companies, Pomerleau was aiming to future-proof its organization, strengthen its sustainability practices and prepare for growth. The new and activity-based design is therefore intended as a vehicle for transformational change.










The design conveys equity among employees by offering an open, modern and light-filled space. It has a range of working spaces designed for specific tasks: individual and group work, quiet spaces, focus areas and collaborative zones. Employees are given the freedom to choose how, when and where they work. This new style recognizes that each employee performs different tasks and needs a suite of work settings as a result.









Freedom of movement within the space, and opportunities to mingle in a structured way, generate a new energy, enhances the ability to concentrate and promotes individual and group productivity. It also gives employees a greater sense of ownership, built on a relationship of trust with the organization. Employee discussion groups helped us to establish five values: authenticity, excellence, innovation, adaptability and love. The goal was to redefine construction together, from idea to creation.





We then reinforced these tenets with the design of a high-tech conference centre, equipped with virtual reality rooms and labs: perhaps the strongest incentive for knowledge-sharing, partnering with consultants and clients, and fostering innovation and creativity. A central stairway highlights and magnifies a new synergy and energy among the teams. Meeting rooms and café counters are conveniently located on each floor near the stairs, promoting friendly interactions and conversations.





Open workstations along the windows, with directors inside a core of semi-enclosed offices, enable teams to work in close proximity and collaboration. Although not a LEED-certified project, sustainable best practices included the use of local and environmentally friendly products, repurposed and recycled furniture; energy-efficient lighting with motion sensors; and architectural wall systems to facilitate future reconfigurations. Our deliberate use of noble materials such as stone, concrete, wood, glass and metal emphasize Pomerleau’s role of builder, as well as its commitment to quality: key components of its brand image.






Credits – Pomerleau (Montreal 2017)

Carpet: Shaw Contract / Interface
Office furniture: Teknion
Ancillary furniture: Steelcase
Lighting fixtures: EDP / Lumigroup
Glass partitions: Dirtt
Barn wood: Gris de Bois
Ceramic: Ciot / Ramacieri Soligo