Little Oak

Designed by: DESIGN360 Inc.






When 860 square feet of retail space opened up in a luxurious Halifax waterfront condo building, a successful restauranteur seized the opportunity to transform the tiny space into a quaint one room wine bar and restaurant. The vision was to break from the traditional dark pub atmosphere and offer patrons a fresh modern alternative. Little Oak is a place to sip and savour beautiful wines and spirits while enjoying decadent bites of locally sourced food expertly prepared in the open concept kitchen.









The huge windows and massive folding glass door that graces the exterior creates a bright and airy indoor-outdoor ambience and instantly draws patrons in. On entry, the Little Oak space offers a warm and comfortable embrace. It imagines what it would feel like to be inside a glorious oak tree or beautiful wine crate.









The space is modern, pure and simple in form but every square inch has been meticulously detailed, crafted and representative of the fine wines and local foods served here. Pure in the basic raw ingredients used (oak, quartz, glass, and natural cork) but complex in both flavor and execution.











Pattern and art are restricted to the dynamic undulations and curvy oak wood grain, the glistening speckles of the white quartz bar and custom table inlays, and the sparkling gleam off the glassware and wine bottles that are showcased behind the bar and in the custom wine chiller. White oak is celebrated for its natural tone and adorns the walls and custom cabinetry.











Cork tiles and custom oak ceiling panels disguise the low ceiling height, provide easy access to the labyrinth of pipes above and assist with acoustics – creating an environment that allows for intimate conversation. The creamy bar top and delicate black and gold light fixtures add contrast to the sleekly custom restrained oak bar. A pop of green upholstery on the soft curved banquette that sits on the back wall reminds us of the oak leaf in its purest form and further accentuates the all-natural, fresh and local ingredients evident in the menu.








Little Oak may be small in scale but it makes a big statement.






Key Materials/Products/Suppliers

General Contractor – Lindsay Construction
Mechanical Engineer – M & R Engineering Ltd.
Electrical Engineer – M & R Engineering Ltd.
Millwork – Coastal Woodworkers Ltd.
Photography – Chris Dickson, Halifax Digital Imaging






Key Products & Materials

Vinyl floor tile – Shaw Contract, Native Origins Collection
Quartz countertops & custom table inlays – Cambria
Acoustic Ceiling Panels – Levey Industries
Lighting – Lambert et Fils
Upholstery fabric – ArcCom
Bar stools & dining chairs – Tusch Seating Inc.