Hotel Fort Garry

Designed by: Belinda Albo Design Inc.





The design concept for The Hotel Fort Garry interior renovation is inspired and developed using the natural character of the chateau style architecture of the early 1900s. This style is reflected in the iconic exterior of the hotel located on Broadway Street in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The Hotel Fort Garry carries historical significance and holds within its walls a unique past, therefore the intension is to preserve the historical aesthetic and atmosphere, while still giving the design a refreshed and current vibe.






Retro and vintage design elements are mixed together to create an authentic, yet eclectic look, breaking the mould of traditional railway hotel design. It is important that the design creates an ambience that reminds you of the past, but does not associate or connect with a particular era. The challenge in this renovation is to reuse the existing interior architecture and wall mouldings of each space.






To create the refreshed atmosphere, the design focuses on upgrading the furniture and finishes. Sepia rendered art with a Winnipeg theme of the bygone days are hung in each of the standard rooms, while edgy vintage themed art graces the walls of the suites. Multi-colour chandeliers have been incorporated into some rooms for a playful and youthful edge. These light fixtures compliment drape covered canopy beds where the scale of the room calls for it.






The more deluxe rooms and suites feature wallpaper inspired by the Gatsby Era that is accompanied by champagne gilded mirrors on the walls. Some of the rooms feature furniture with distressed leathers and woods, while others take on a slightly more modern appeal. In some instances, crushed vintage velvets in emerald greens with red accents are mixed with contrasting patterns on the walls or floors. Other rooms are more subdued with soft greys and browns, but always focus on a classic and timeless design.





As a finishing touch, animal motif pillows and faux fur throws are added to the beds for another textural dimension that creates visual consistency throughout all styles of the hotel rooms. The design principals used to restore the guest rooms is also consistent with the lobby design. Upon arriving at the hotel, guests are immediately immersed in the modern vintage environment that is reflected, not only in the architecture, but also in the eclectic furnishings and décor. The ambiance of the lobby along with the unique designs of each guest room provides returning patrons with an opportunity to enjoy a diverse experience each time they visit the Hotel Fort Gary.







Crown Wallpaper + Fabrics – Wall coverings
Décor-Rest – Furniture
Sunpan – Furniture
Restoration Hardware – Furniture
YellowKorner – Art
Zuo Modern – Accents
Torre & Tagus Designs Ltd. – Accents
Roche Bobois – Accents
A&R Carpet Barn – accent flooring