Canarail (Montreal)

Designed by: Lemay




CANARAIL is a leading Canadian railway engineering consulting firm that has achieved recognition in international markets thanks to its commitment to quality. It is known for its strong focus on customer needs and it’s highly qualified specialized personnel.






The main project objectives were to reduce real estate and operating costs; establish a culture of teamwork; increase innovation; offer flexibility and enable mobile and remote work, and influence the future of engineering practices. Equally important was to create a healthy, sustainable space that would attract and retain top talent, in an environment of empowerment, learning, and collaboration.





With these concepts in mind, our team set out to create a workplace strategy, aligned with the firm’s vision and brand: a reflection of company values. One focus was to create an immediate and impactful sense of arrival: one steps out of the elevator into a box-car ambiance, with corrugated panels and wooden slats referencing a railway. Lighting and glass entrance doors guide clients into a bright and open reception area that showcases photos of the firm’s best-in-class projects from around the world.







From the reception area to the workspace, one notices a graphic pattern of railway tracks, which in fact travels around the entire common corridor circuit, linking business units together with CANARAIL branding, mission and focus. Employees’ photos of their individual project sites are proudly displayed within this railway pattern.





The new workplace strategy aims to increase productivity while promoting employee health and well-being. Its accompanying design provides 100% of workers with access to natural daylight, as well as impressive views, via an open-office environment. Collaboration zones are dispersed among the benching workstations, offering a place to work side-by-side, while affording workgroups their privacy.





Eight conference rooms of varying sizes, for brainstorming, interviews, training and corporate affairs, were planned in conjunction with a series of spaces providing employees a choice of work setting: break-out areas, with lounge seating along the windows, for relaxing, concentration or informal meetings; stand-up islands between benching stations, for teamwork and collaboration; and banquettes in the lunchroom for casual or impromptu meetings.








The lunchroom also offers a branded atmosphere in a relaxed environment, featuring oversized graphic images with a rail theme, bench seats similar to train booths and customized lighting in the form of railway crossing lights.











The new workplace strategy offers a highly functional and innovative workspace that reflects the essence of CANARAIL’s brand and culture.










Carpet: Interface

Furnitures: Groupe Lacasse / Teknion

Lighting fixtures: Lumenpulse

Vinyl flooring: Tandus