Cafe Flo Taikooli

Designed by: David Chang Design Associates International


Project Name: Café Flo Taikooli
Completion Date: July 2016
Project Location: Sanlitun, Beijing, China
Area: 314 square meters







Project Description:

Borrowing from classic French bygone eras, Café Flo bestows Beijing with an authentic Paris bistro experience. This property, originally a hot pot café, was acquired by the 116-year-old Brasserie Flo Restaurant Group headquartered in Paris and transformed by DCDA David Chang Design Associates International into a pure bistro café encounter for their targeted, young diners. Art Deco reigns as the ambience backdrop and imagination locater. The chandelier’s honeycomb structure traces back to a symbolic icon of the Art Deco era.










Multi-layering pilasters, wall panels and the use of beveled mirror trims and panels echo this referencing. The colour palette is acquired from the Napoleonic French military; Cuirassiers’Parisian Blue and Hussars’ Cerulean Blue wool serge with brilliant brass buttons and gold braid play out in the brass studded, Art Deco era upholstered chairs. The multiple-colored chairs are randomly placed to invoke the casual, evolved ambience of the quintessential Parisian bistro café.











The physical challenges of this 314 square meter restaurant include a very long, narrow frontage with a two storey ceiling that dramatically drops to 3.3 meters at the interior restaurant area and structural beams that are neither symmetrically placed nor centering to any vertical axis within the space.















The narrowness of the space was artfully conquered with the use of beveled mirrored trims and panels reflecting the unadorned windows and merging the exterior with the interior into a unifying expanse. The beams were wrapped with wood trim and inset painted panels to better integrate with their surroundings.











The central beams were arced to reflect the momentum created by Art Deco forms. Efficiencies in operations were achieved by establishing circular trafficking with separate kitchen accesses for food pick up and dirty dish drop off. Guests are greeted upon entering with extensive menu offerings on display for casual dining in at the communal table, for those that like to socialize, or at the window seats for a little solitary observation.









This delectable array on display at the entrance also encourages high volume “to go” traffic without detracting from the dining ambience within. This prior hot pot restaurant was acquired by the 116 years old Brasserie FLO from Paris. DCDA David Chang Design Associates International was commissioned to design a new subsidiary brand restaurant by FLO.





The new bar and restaurant – Cafe Flo – is located in Taikooli at Sanlitun District of Beijing and the mall itself is a must-see destination attraction for visitors, both domestically and internationally. The challenge was to create an inviting dining experience, with respect paid to the building’s existing imposing beams and columns. The color tones of this cafe were inspired by the elegance of bygone Napoleonic era Parisian blue and Brass gold. The overall design was base on the iconic French Art Deco style brasserie. The chandelier, with its honeycomb structure, can be traced back as a symbolic icon to Art Deco period.






Marble:  Terrazzo/Marble
Metal:  Pure copper
Mirror:  Corrugated mirror
Lighting:  CDN Lighting