Aaron Dining Table

Designed by: Douglas Design Studio


Overall description
The Aaron dining table is exquisitely crafted, modern yet timeless, and features a solid bronze base with a knife edge, natural quartzite top and inlaid bronze detailing.


Design brief
A favorite client wanted to trade up the table they had used since first being married (two children ago) for something “adult.” It needed to be durable and flexible enough to accommodate a few extra chairs for larger family gatherings. And because they are art collectors and consultants with highly evolved tastes, the design had to be edgy enough to hold its own amid surroundings that were elegant and provocative, as well as strike a balance with the curvaceous line of Promemoria Bilou-Bilou chairs.


The resulting design uses a luxuriously minimalist material palette: pure quartzite and architectural bronze with an imperceptible aluminum substrate. The Aaron’s flared pedestal legs, narrowest at knee height and wider at the bottom, butterfly at a shallow 140-degree angle. This triangulation transfers the load down through the pedestals, achieving a stance that is firm and unwavering, yet with a slimness that seems to defy rational laws of structural support. It is a sleight of hand—simultaneously fascinating and confounding.







Using CNC cutting technology, it requires 12 to 14 hours to remove, millimeter by millimeter, enough rock to achieve the finely chamfered edge of the quartzite. Artisans further refine the slab by grinding the resulting knife-sharp edge to an impressively smooth 3/16-inch radius. In another trick of the eye, the ¼-inch-thick bronze legs appear to slice through the stone and appear as mirror ͞V’s͟ on the surface, flush with the polished stone. The illusion is created using bronze inlays.







Favourite aspect
There is an intriguing tension between the material properties of the Aaron dining table that demand our attention. The stone top is dense, cool and implacable. And it is so thin that it seems to slice cleanly through space. Conversely, the mellow glow of the bronze, ground with a fine grit to a satin-like finish, feels warm and pliable, and it telegraphs an artful delicacy akin to origami. Finally, the inlaid bronze in the top conveys an inherent artisanry as well as an element of surprise, like coming upon a gleaming vein of gold in a rockface.






Practical Considerations
Apart from its handsome silhouette, beautiful materials and craftsmanship, the Aaron table is eminently practical and encourages sociability. The Aaron table is built for longevity. The stone and bronze are extremely durable with a lifespan that ensures it can be passed down through many generations. The cant and fold of the table base are quite intentionally engineered to provide maximum, uninterrupted leg space for several people at a time. In this way, the problem of knees bumping up against the base is circumvented.




Metal – Architectural Bronze
Stone – Atlantic Grey


What specialist or artisan skills were involved in the making of the project? (if applicable)

The density and hardness of the top’s quartzite stone are extremely difficult to work, requiring craftsmen to leave the CNC cutter running slowly, yet persistently, overnight to cut through the inflexible surface without chipping or fracturing. Achieving the 3/8” radius that softens the edges demands unparalleled skill. Cutting and hand-finishing takes some 14 hours for each slab.



Stone Supply & Crafting: AST Stone
Bronze Supply & Crafting: David Reale