Ubisoft Quebec

Designed by: Coarchitecture




Over the years, Ubisoft Quebec has developed an internationally recognized expertise in the world of video games while maintaining a strong human dimension. Originally made up of small production teams, the Quebec City studio has recently moved on to the next stage by initiating the development of triple-A blockbuster games. Ubisoft Québec also wanted to significantly improve its work environments in order to offer their employees the best video game creation studio in Canada. Among the many objectives of the project are the importance of providing the company with high-performance, dynamic and inspiring living environments representing Ubisoft’s DNA.






The architectural signature of Ubisoft Québec’s new office relies on the concept of “backyard playground” as well as on the different passions expressed by the employees of the studio such as cinema, music, games and sports. These broad themes have allowed the project team to express all the creativity that characterizes the workforce of Ubisoft using diversified and heterogeneous spaces, yet coherent with each other. A real organized chaos, as Ubisoft expressed the desire of.







The facilities have been designed for employees to meet: a new playground designed to stimulate creativity. The studio’s space is articulated around an electric blue staircase, placed in the heart of the building, constituting the spine of the project. The fluidity, communication and interconnection between colleagues and diverse teams were the priority of the spatial organization. In order to maximize the connectivity of the multiple work platforms on five levels, the first level floor was drilled to extend the existing central staircase to the ground floor where an employee reception area and a gym were laid out.





The existing staircase was also extended to reach the 3rd floor following the main idea of interconnection between the work spaces. A gateway to cross the atrium has also been added in order to connect work platforms and thus maximize co-presence and teamwork.









Several diversified workspaces have been created to allow the employees to adapt their work environment according to their task. The new workplace includes meeting places, meeting rooms, a cafeteria and some unusual places such as a hunting shack, a tree house, an igloo, some swings, a camping caravan and a garage whose door opens onto the cafeteria when there is gathering. A secret passage leading to a hidden meeting room even created surprise and astonishment among employees when they discovered it.







In order to deliver a creative studio meeting the needs of the occupants, the project team has relied on an integrated design process. The design of the studio, as well as the preparation of the drawings for construction, were entirely realized with the collaboration of the various stakeholders. Several charrettes and brainstorming activities have helped guide the client in his decision-making and lead the conceptual exercise in architecture as well as in engineering. A fine coordination with the engineering teams during the realization of the technical drawings and during the construction site made it possible to harmoniously integrate all the mechanical and electrical systems into the architecture.








Main suppliers
Engineer: LGT
Lighting: Lumigroup
Lighting Manufacturers: Absolux Lighting, Barbican, Castor Design, Lightheaded, Delray, Flos, FontanaArte, Luceplan, MP Lighting, Nora Lighting, Osram Sylvania, Solavanti, Visioneering