STAT Search Analytics

Designed by: DIALOG




In May 2016, a design team revitalized a 10,000 sq. ft. warehouse for growing tech start-up, STAT Search Analytics. The transformation of the Railtown warehouse – located in Vancouver’s dilapidated Downtown East Side – reflects STAT’s energetic, raw and non-corporate culture.



The design firm believes that great interior design should tell a story that draws on the character of the community. To that end, STAT’s design is a direct translation of its core messaging:‘See it all. Know it all. Fresh, everyday.’ One of the main design goals was to create an environment that breathes. We resisted the urge to pack employees like sardines (like majority of tech firms do). At STAT, people can find quiet spaces for personal refuge, or they can flock to gathering spaces for informal meetings. The 2,000 sq. ft. second-floor mezzanine is home to the communal social space and eatery, that doubles as a collaborative workspace. It’s kitted out with beer and wine taps, flexible furniture, and technology screens.




All the forms throughout the office are directly related to the web matrix that makes up the core of STAT’s branding and business. Inspiration was drawn from STAT’s polygon-based brand graphics, which symbolize a network of ordered information with nodes and points of discovery. These shapes further informed the volumes for all meeting room environments.





One of the biggest challenges with any start-up or new company is the budget. To keep our costs down we chose very basic raw grade plywood for all of our millwork throughout. We sanded this product down and applied a clear coat. This allowed us to match our millwork to our creative forms used throughout the project. One of the interesting dynamics that came out of our work with STAT is a “Do it yourself mentality”. Early in the process we established items that would need to be completed and installed by STAT in order to meet budget. Being proactive in this way meant our clients could achieve their aesthetic vision.





Since the move, we’ve seen major improvements in our ability to attract top talent. We’ve also seen our people really step up their already high standards, with every team showing a new level of sophistication and pride in their work. I believe this is a direct result of having an equally sophisticated workspace that inspires them.”- Bucci






new office design has raised the creative energy within the organization, allowing for better collaboration and a higher standard of work. For STAT, not only was the design of the office important to grow their business and energize their employees but for the space to tell their company story.




“Through this office design we are not just building a company we are building a way of life.”– Rob Bucci.




Art: Curated by Lucien Durey
Custom Boardroom Table: Created by Panther Creative
Boardroom Seating: Studio 11 Office chairs from CB2
Rugs: FLOR series by Interface

Light over kitchen island: The Spider Chandelier, stilnovousa
Graphics: by STAT
Millwork: Plywood with clear coat, installed by contractor
Furniture: Knoll Antenna and Blackburn & Young
Beanbag Seating: Fatboy