Motivo Dental Office



Location: 14931-107 Ave Edmonton, AB.



The project that I am presenting to you is a dental office. The idea of this project is to create a dental office that is functional but at the same time beautiful and relaxing for the patients.


In most cases patients dislike going to the dentist, so we decided to provide a cozy, homey, welcoming place that feels a lot less scary to the patients, and they can enjoy their visit while having their teeth fixed.



Our client requested a modern look with a warm atmosphere. Therefore we decided to combine the modern and contemporary design concept to suit his growing family dental practice, he also requested to have 6 operatories, one x-ray room, one staff room, one financial room to discuss financial options with patients in privacy, a kids zone, one laboratory room, one mechanical room, and a private office for the doctor.








The clinic covers an area of 2250 sq. ft. and is situated on the main floor of a commercial building.
The office has windows on all of the facade sides which faces the north, it also has windows on the west side, but not covering the whole side so there is a big area that doesn’t have windows.













The entry door leads directly to the reception area that backs onto concrete panels that provide the cool modern look of cast concrete walls. The smiling pictures on the brick wall warm your hearts and make you smile without thinking. The stunning high ceiling with clusters of hanging pendant light fixtures creates a nice piece of art in itself. The hanging pendants were selected for their smokey grey, white, champagne, brown and purple colors to keep with the clinic theme still maintaining a comfortable environment.






We painted the heating ducts in black and use it as a feature. The waterfall situated between the waiting room and children’s zone emits the peaceful sound of water cascading down a mountainside. The sound of the falling water gives the patients a positive and relaxing feeling. All the while maintaining an eye their children watching their favorite television show or actively playing on the wall-mounted ipads.

Behind the front desk there is a small room with a computer in it, it serves as a financial room to discuss payment options for some patients if privacy is needed, this room is separated from the waiting area with a door.


There are two handicap washrooms that are connected to the waiting area, both handicap washrooms were outfitted with custom built vanities and a feature wall of wallpaper to make it extra special not like your typical handicap bathroom.








We decided to put all the treatment area, or the operatories on the west side so we can benefit from the windows, 3 operatories have windows that face the street, which gives an impression of a larger space and decreases the anxiety of the patients. The colors used in the operatories are white with grey and purple. The peaceful colors of the office create a welcoming tone. The other 3 operatories don’t have windows, but we provided the brightness to this area by choosing the open concept, the glossy white finishes, and stainless steel details. Thus adding vibrancy to the sophisticated environment.








The corridor leading to the treatment areas is lit up with several chandeliers highlighting the contemporary artwork that conveys peace and harmony. A sensation of calm and comfort defies the whole clinic. We separated the patient’s waiting room from the operatories with a sliding glass door that opens only to let the patient in and out of the treatment area.




We put the administrative and staff area on the east side of the clinic, it includes a staff room/kitchen, and the doctor’s office. The doctor office is pretty spacious (as he requested) and has a big world map wallpaper located directly behind the doctor’s desk.





The administrative and the treatment area are connected with the sterilization zone, it is where the dental instruments are sterilized, it has easy access from anywhere in the office and is large enough to accommodate 2 sterilizers and 2 instrument washers and enough cabinets for the 6 operatories that are supposed to accommodate 2 dentists and 2 hygienists working at the same time.




The mechanical room is put on the south/east corner so it is as far as possible from the treatment area to assure patients don’t hear the noise coming from there.




Thus I believe we have exceeded our clients expectations and more. The design of this office maintains a balance between aesthetics and function in a smooth harmony that facilitates the work of the dentist and the patient’s experience.



Materials/Product Suppliers:

1. Feature Brick Wall:
o BBRRU210 – Rust 2.5” x 10”
o Glazed colour-body porcelain tile

o Vintage | KLTCBW10112Z
o 7.48” wide x 5 mm Thickness

3. Lighting:
o HGK1216/HGK1219 Clear
o HGK1217/HGK1220 Champagne
o HGK1218/HGK1221 Smoked Grey

Product Supplier:
o Nuevo

4. Wall Paper:
o IR51107 Structure
o 52530 Glocker

Product Supplier:
o Brand Wall Quest Collection
o Brand Marburg Collection

5. Concrete Panels:
o ¾” MDF
o 24 x 48 section

Product Supplier:
o Faux Finishing by MDL

6. Cabinets/Counter Tops
o High Gloss Finish Slab w/1mm Bi Color Edge
o Pale grey – Brillante
o Blanio –Brillante
o Gregio Pine – Horz. Grain Match
o Zebra Wood Gloss – Grain Match
o Stainless Steel Toe Kicks
o White Quartz Counter Tops