Cushman & Wakefield

Designed by: Gensler



Project: Cushman & Wakefield
Location: Toronto, ON







Cushman & Wakefield’s new workplace was designed to be the ultimate sales tool for a real estate giant. It’s a client-centric space demonstrating today’s best-in-class, highly functioning office, rich with sophisticated detail and seamlessly integrating a union of the latest technology and flexibility. Their new Canadian head office supports the successful merger of two real estate giants, expressing shared aspirations, culture and competitive drive in a design providing a bespoke balance of all work modes; focus, collaborative, social and learn.




The unique elevator lobby experience welcomes visitors with a monumentally scaled Cushman & Wakefield logo, juxtaposed with an interactive technology wall celebrating the global brand.






Beyond is ‘The Club,’ which is a business lounge for both clients and employees. Borrowing from the hospitality sector, this open and energetic space features a variety of collaborative areas that serve as a portal to the multiple adjacent meeting spaces. The Club culminates in a dynamic combination café/library/lounge creating an environment that encourages employees and clients to focus, network, socialize, and re-energize. It transforms the traditional cafeteria real estate into destinations for collaboration and innovation







Surrounding this collaborative heart is a series of individual work neighbourhoods. Each area is equipped with a variety of spaces to support myriad work modes, including single-occupancy focus rooms, small huddle rooms, and larger team rooms. These distributed collaborative spaces supplement the larger meeting rooms contained in the client-facing Club.








While industry trends point to 100% open focus, client visioning sessions with key stakeholders aligned with the global standards that call for some assigned enclosed focus settings. The design team created flexible offices that allow for focus work, as well as meetings of up to five participants







Gensler Project Team
Nina Bast
Michael Machnic
Jennifer Duguay
Brittany McQuarrie
Willem Berends
Karly Kable


Photographer: Tom Arban
Mechanical Engineer: The Mitchel Partnership
Electrical Engineer: Mulvey and Banani
Structural Engineer: Dorlan Engineering Consultants
Contractor: Marant Construction
Audio Visual: DTS