Designed by: Hodgson Design Associates


Arbutus Ridge is one of the most amazing views to the City of Vancouver, the north shore mountains, and the Burrard Inlet.




It made sense to capitalize on the view by creating an expanse of glass for the important rooms on the upper levels to form a cube. The Architect removed mullions from the ceiling and floor lines and recessed them into the structural depths to maximize view with the least amount of obstruction. The sense is that you are standing out on a cliff overlooking a vast landscape. A house designed with entertaining in mind is sure to be a great hit with guests.







There are challenges in conforming to the zoning bylaw when it comes to designing on slopes to stay within the maximum height. By extrapolating the corner site elevations to arrive at the critical height point you begin to set your floor levels based on that target.











You literally work backwards from an imaginary spot in the air. Floor level heights and ceiling heights are meticulously adjusted until the structure settles to its happiest position. This challenge is accompanied by the irregular setbacks that begin to define the shape of the house while utilizing the maximum area possible.














The front of the house is modest and minimal on approach while the rear opens up to many levels of dynamic activities. You can see right through narrow slots from the street that explodes into a view beyond. The materials on the inside of the house reflect the same colours on the exterior to offer a sculptural appearance on sunny days.
















The Interior Designer and Architect assured cohesion and balance of interior and exterior elements, colour, materials and even furniture. Materials and technical refinement of details were extremely important to this project to set this house apart from a lot of the other new houses in the area. Precision is amplified in so many details including roof flashings, brise soleil, canopy, siding and attachment, glazing installation, steel stairs with integrated wine room and integrated vent grilles for both wall and floors.














The stair railings do not to the glass which common in so many designs. The stairs are intended to appear light and elegant by using fewer components. Special clips were designed to hold the yellow cedar siding so that is can be removable for repair if needed. The result is crisp and clean edges to a wood box on only one level over a two-level concrete base that extends down to grade. This is sure to be a solid and lasting structure.














The rear yard has great amenities such as a fire pit, Zen garden, a cabana with bar entertainment and fitness machines, 40’ pool and slot water fall, and a 2 car garage in the lane. Both accessory structures have a green roof with native plants that can be seen on the patio surface as well as form the spaces above.