Hawthorne Residence

Designed by: Robert Pashuk Architecture


Hawthorne Residence – Calgary, AB



The Hawthorne residence was conceived as two volumes, the plinth and the farmhouse, built into the slope of an inner-city neighborhood.




The plinth is the entry point of the house, a contrast to the adjacent homes that have built large external staircases to access their main floors. An at grade covered entranceway protects the inhabitants from the cold Canadian winters. The plinth creates a base for the farmhouse, like a modern sculpture has a pedestal, elevating the main living levels of the home and presenting the farmhouse to the street.




The farmhouse volume borrows elements of rural design such as the standing seam zinc siding and the prow in the gable end of the pitched roof.  Gooseneck exterior light sconces and barn red horizontal siding were used to add to a rural aesthetic.




The formal structure of plinth and farmhouse breaks up the overall massing of the building, creating private spaces, and protection from public views in a home that is permeated with windows and operable doors. The main floor kitchen and breakfast nook are connected to the backyard by two opening glass walls that come together at a point. When these doors are open, the backyard becomes part of the kitchen and nook space.




The main floor is also connected to a deck over the garage that has view to the river valley and into a secret garden. The plinth and the farmhouse are connected by a sculptural open tread fir-clad staircase. The staircase organizes the home and connects all areas through a series of open volumes.






As you move through the building glimpses of the secret garden are seen from various spaces such as the stairwell landing or from the personal gym on the lower level.Glimpses to other spaces is an ongoing theme as these spatial relationships persist throughout the house. From the third floor, you can see who is entering at grade, from the kitchen you can look up to the office in the mezzanine.





A natural, neutral material palette was used throughout the home. Raw steel was used to clad the fireplaces and bark panels were used to create feature walls in the entrance and living room.Rift and quartered site finished white oak, exposed concrete and large format porcelain tiles were used as flooring throughout the home.




Vertical grain fir decorates the sculptural staircase and millwork. Rural elements such as a large farmhouse porcelain sink, wired glass and schools house light fixture connect the exterior aesthetic with the interior. Doors are featured in the home, with a dual swing pantry door complete with circular window and an oversized steel pivot entry door.




The Hawthorne Residence was the answer to the client’s request for a “contemporary farmhouse” in Calgary. The design blends clean and simple contemporary details with a rich and warm material palette.





PRODUCT: Select furnishings & accessories
SUPPLIER: Pomp & Circumstance

PRODUCT: Fireplace
MODEL: Serenade see-thru wdvst500ntc

PRODUCT: Fireplace

PRODUCT: Hardware pulls
MANUFACTURER: Emtek & Top Knob
SUPPLIER: Banbury Lane

PRODUCT: Millwork
SUPPLIER: Prime Millwork


PRODUCT: Countertops
COLOR: Organic white

PRODUCT: Plastic Laminate

PRODUCT: Plastic Laminate
COLOR: Terri

PRODUCT: Bark wall panels
MANUFACTURER: Highland – Craftsman Inc
COLLECTION: Bark house

PRODUCT: Wall Tile
SUPPLIER: Julian Tile
COLOR: White

PRODUCT: Floor tile
SUPPLIER: Stone Tile
COLOR: Cassaforma grey
FINISH: Natural