Crystal Pavilion

Designed by: David Chang Design Associates International


Project Name: Crystal Pavilion
Completion Date: June 2016
Project Location: Hangzhou, China
Area: 4,437 square meters.




Project Description:

The Crystal Pavilion Complex, nestled in Hangzhou on the banks of the Qiantang River, offers 245 meters of scenic riverfront with open vistas to the Jade Emperor Mountains and the historic six Pagodas of Harmonies. The Crystal Pavilion Clubhouse is the jewel of this 11 building, 320,000 square meters complex which consists of high-end residential living and commercial and retail spaces. The 4437 square meter project has ceiling heights from 3.3 meters to a soaring 9.2 meters in the grand hall. Incorporated within this project are the lobby and public circulation, a second level lounge, teahouse and Chinese restaurant and lower level exercise areas, spa and a breathtaking  1526 square meters pool facility.








The ancient city of Hangzhou was the capital city of the Song Dynasty and a very notable legacy from this dynasty is the Ru Porcelain culture. The Crystal Pavilion’s design is inspired by this noble porcelain’s translucent and distinctive “duck-egg” blue to celadon green colours, the gentle strokes of cracked glazing and the elegant proportions displayed in these ancient porcelain pieces. Fewer than 100 complete pieces of Ru Ware survive so the entire clubhouse is an honorary celebration of this rare porcelain.






Soft-toned, almost translucent marbles with fine veiling were sought to emulate this exquisite porcelain. Art Deco details were used to bolster the simple and delicate forms reflected in Ru Ware. The lobby ceiling, floor, chandelier and fountains patterns and shapes were derived from the lotus pedals, a major influence for the designs from the Song Dynasty.





The softly flowing water feature, symbolic of Balance and Harmony in Chinese philosophy, is represented with a hand carved lotus blossom basin that reflects the intricate ceiling into a translucent semblance or the fragile and beautiful Ru porcelain. Great care was taken to embed the delicate references of the Song Dynasty into the placid undulation of the Art Deco copper railing and glossy wood handrails.




Designated to serve the discerning Residents and their guests at the Crystal Pavilion Complex, the 4437 square meters Crystal Pavilion Clubhouse offers a sophisticated and cultured private club member experience. The client’s requirement to create an interior with a grand classical style but rooted in the cultural references of the ancient city of Hangzhou were realized by using the rare and venerable Ru Porcelain from the Song Dynasty as the ennobling inspiration.





The amenities of this clubhouse, from lounge and dining experiences to recreation and relaxation, were infused with the soft translucent properties of Ru Ware and culturally reinforced with motifs and designs of the Song Dynasty, from grand gestures of the Lotus Flower fountain to small expressions of the lotus within the undulating Art Deco railings.




Key Materials for Crystal Pavilion

Marble: Crema Marfil Wallpaper:
ARTE Metal: Brushed Copper/ Mirror Copper
Wood: Spherical Rosewood
Plumbing Fixture: HOLDOR/TOTO