Bon Look – Fairview Pointe-Claire, Quebec

Designed by: Aedifica


BonLook Pointe-Claire, Quebec 325 sq.ft.


Young, Quebec-based eyewear designer and retailer BonLook unveiled its first concept boutique at the Fairview Pointe-Claire shopping centre. The contemporary, innovative space delivers a unique customer experience in the eyewear industry. BonLook is a new prescription eyewear brand that was mainly operating an online store. In order to increase its visibility and its client base, BonLook wanted to open showrooms/boutiques that would allow BonLook to get closer to consumers and allow them to discover the product offer in a more concrete way and build a bond of trust .




The designers took inspiration from the small space to design a minimalist layout with floor-to-ceiling mirrored walls. The benefits of this solution are three-fold: customers never have to look for a free spot to try on the frames, mirrors reflect and enhance the models on display, and the space appears larger than it is.





With a fresh take on eyewear, the innovative boutique delivers a unique, friendly and hassle-free shopping experience that complements the image of the Montreal-based retailer. The boutique offers a fresh take on shopping for prescription glasses. There is no cash register or counter in this hassle-free environment. Customers carry out transactions in-store but online, as if they were shopping from home or a café. Human interaction is more relaxed, the experience more rewarding. The elegant aesthetic delivered into the space was made with simple, effective and high impact options creating an inviting, welcoming yet fresh space where customers feel comfortable to try-on eyewear. After BonLook’s early success with online sales, it was time to create a complementary, tangible connection to the brand.





A harmonious blend of marble and wood, enriched by the expansiveness of mirrors, highlights the brand in both its physical space and its virtual in-store buying process. The limited space inspired the designers to create a minimalist layout with floor-to-ceiling mirrored walls that enhance the beauty of the frames on display and convey a sense of spaciousness.




In this minimalist space, no cash desk has been added, all in order to let customers complete their transaction directly online, such as the BonLook business model. The environment feels like being in a lounge rather than in a store. Surrounded by the wall fixtures and displays, the central table serves as a gathering hub where customers can relax while trying eyewear and conclude transactions.