Yvette Ko – Interior Design Partners Inc.

Designed by: Interior Design Partners Inc.




Delta Optical carries eye glass frames that are handpicked by the owners as they travel around the world meeting with the inner circle of trend forging optical designers.Unlike traditional “brand name” frames, their suppliers are artists who strictly design eyewear – crafting their frames using pioneering engineering techniques and the highest quality materials.




Walking by the store, the Delta Optical sign is illuminated above the full height glass sliding panel at the entrance. Textured tiles are installed on the storefront fascia, where a geometric pattern was created by using tile edges. The geometric design motif is taken from floor tile patterns which is repeated throughout the store. The store layout is inspired by ‘Art gallery designs’ where customers can walk in a circular path to see all the displays around the retail area. A large size dispensing table located in the centre of the retail area creates circulation throughout. On each wall, 4 stairs like layered recessed display cases are running horizontally and visible from any angle in the retail area.




The strip LED is installed within each layered display case to give light to the frames while emphasizing horizontal display tiers. Each tier is slightly projected towards the top which helps to add more depth to the top storage cabinets while providing a precise location for concealed LED strip lighting to avoid any shadows or glare on the displayed glasses. The glass frames are presented on a silver colored velvet surface provided within each tier to add a luxurious touch while providing scratch protection. Long linear display cases along the walls are carefully designed to fit every last glass frame. All millwork cases are completely built in to create clean, minimal lines of display. No visible hardware is installed on millwork cabinets; instead, they utilize magnetic push/ pull hardware and drawers to maintain simplicity throughout.




Micro screw holes used as demarcation on each tiered display repeated in every 7 inches for indication of each glass frames to be placed in centre. In an effort to maximize storage space, both top and bottom spaces of the wall display were used as cabinets and drawers. A counter space with a half wall was located at the back of the retail space where the owner can oversee the store area while working on the glasses/frames for fittings. Odd angles were applied to all wall display cases and the dispensing table to create interesting formations within an all-white colored space. An enclosed section with glass sliding doors was the design solution for highly priced items. In the waiting area, there are a couple of chairs and a table selected for its shape emphasizing the geometric motif.




On the opposite side, there is a frameless shelving unit using ½” thick clear acrylic panels to display sunglasses. Beside the sunglass display, a custom glass case is designed to display accessories. 2’ x 2’ square tiles in white with a hint of blue were used to add an accent colour to the floor. 9 different geometric patterns on the tile were laid randomly to make things more interesting. A part of those patterns was repeated on the storefront fascia design. <photo #1> 5 different geometric patterns were selected for metal ceiling tiles also in 2’x2’sizes, painted in white with some texture and reflects the floor design on the ceiling.




A custom fabricated suspended LED luminaire is centrally located above the point of sales and dispensing table to provide desired lighting levels. The intention is to provide 20% up lighting towards the ceiling and 80% down lighting towards the counter below/ task plane. The shape of the lighting fixture was also derived from the floor tile patterns with layered mounting heights in 4-inch increments. Custom designed CNC cut felt using Snellen chart was mounted to the exam room door as a one of a kind door sign which also adds slightly more blue accents to the space.