The Wickson Social

Designed by: Elisa Sauvé Design- Denegri Bessai Studio



The Design Team behind The Wickson Social is a unique partnership between two professionals from very different disciplines. Together, they have created an eclectic, inviting and extraordinary space. The award winning Production Designer works within the language of film, where worlds are created, conventional rules donǯt apply, and lighting, fantasy and theatricality are key. The award winning Architect has an organic, spatial and detail oriented sensibility. She was fundamental in resolving the composition and materiality. The space was a challenge. It was long and compartmentalized; on distinct topographic levels.



There was no connection between front and back rooms. The kitchen would be positioned in the center; between two distinct restaurant spaces. The kitchen is the heart of a restaurant; its hearth. Mondrian’s ‘Composition in red, yellow and blue’ is the inspiration from which the space grew. One space with four worlds, creatively connected by it’s pulsating and vibrating kitchen heart, and a hall of mirrors that runs through the restaurant like an artery. The front room is blue panels and blue leather banquettes.



It feels exotic. It features a dark mirrored ceiling from which descend glowing glass orbs that are chandeliers. The main room is adjacent and anchors the entire composition. Like the hearth it features red. Curved banquettes put their back to an enormous artist designed wall tapestry. It is bold and in your face. Its quizzical animal figures challenge patrons and enhance the acoustics of the large space.



The figures represent our close and intertwined connection with the wildlife of the great white north. We are them and they are us. We ponder our responsibility. The quintessential live edge wood bar spans the large room. It is carved from a 200-year old Ontario walnut tree. The back bar meets the ceiling. The kitchen heart floats in the liminal ether of the hall of mirrors. Bathrooms are 1980ǯs and raunchy; inspired by NYCǯs Studio 54. The back room is yellow and vibrant, set low to the level of the allée outside.



The ceiling is at a height of twenty feet. Over its rear portion floats the angular volume of the bathrooms clad in wood panels. Patrons descend into the space upon a theatrical stair that is dominated by a giant mural of a crow that could easily have flown away from the front mural. Rings of lighting orbit in the tall volume. It is casual and intimate, yet provocative.



The Wickson Social is a sophisticated new restaurant space minted in the collaboration between production designer and architect. Taking Mondrian to new spatial and material heights, the Wickson delivers theatrical contrasts through the use of rich colors and materials. It perfectly embodies the diverse cultural and historical matrix that Torontoǯs centre has become.




Wickson Social: List of Suppliers
Candace O. Bell: Animal MURAL AND CROW Wallpaper


The artwork was a custom design commissioned specifically for the Wickson Social. Candace specially designed Artwork output onto a Carpet Mural, to serve as a dual purpose; a unique and beautiful element as well as creating great sound acoustics.



Candace is a Toronto artist, living and creating in the west end of the city. She works mostly in two-dimensional mixed media, primarily involving painting, printmaking, drawing and sewing.She uses animal stereotypes (they way they are commonly depicted in literature, film and fables) to stand in for personality types. By plugging in a different animal’s head on a human body, we tend to read the character as a personality type rather than an individual. Playing with the characters in different combinations allows for different dynamics to emerge. Pairing up predator and prey animals makes for an easy read, and people tend to identify the type of relationship quickly, although it is interesting how there is still such a variance in viewers’ interpretations




Carpet Manufacturing: W Studio
W STUDIO is an award-winning carpet design house with over 25 years of industry experience. Founder Alan Pourvakil has been nationally acclaimed as one of the foremost experts in the field of hand-knotted carpets. A worldwide supplier of fine carpets, W STUDIO has won multiple awards both internationally and throughout North America.






SILVA was born in a basement in January 1980. It was founded by Eugene Silva as an upholstery shop, and has grown to be a company of 50 plus employees, it is 100% Canadian owned and operated. The frames for the new pieces are made on site. SILVA makes hardwood frames that are glued, screwed and doweled. Having their own frame shop gives them the ability to custom size any frame to suite individual needs. Silva built all the banquettes, as well as the custom sofas and brown leather lounge chairs without wood arms.





This stool is known as the 19TH CENTURY SODA FOUNTAIN STOOL. Designed in the Viennese Secessionist style. Its modern, unencumbered lines emphasize its sculptural form, while a padded seat encourages conviviality. RH operates galleries and outlets throughout the U.S. and Canada, while their Source Books and websites serve as virtual extensions and compelling tours of the brand. We currently publish Interiors, Small Spaces, Objects of Curiosity, Tableware, Outdoor and Baby & Child Source Books.



These are the loose dining chairs in the front room and 2 armchairs at base of crow. They are a tanned walnut colour with black wool seats. They are Mid-century. The clean, linear forms and the sensitive feeling for materials seen in this modern dining chair, are a lot of what the style is all about. The wood dining chair is framed in solid American hardwood shaped and joined with respect for its natural grain, and the comfortably contoured seat is upholstered in a wool / nylon black fabric over CFS foam cushioning.


Imported from the UK and reupholstered by Silva. These are traditional pub stools.


Amish Furniture Designed Inc. is a furniture company in Pickering, specializing in Amish crafted, solid hardwood furniture designs. We are able to have our craftsmen build to your specifications using only the finest solid hardwoods.




TABLE BASES– ISA International Seating
ISA International is not your typical furniture manufacturer. They have worked with the design industry for over 38 years and follow a strong set of beliefs in everything they do. Functionality, value, and craftsmanship have always been the core foundations of their legacy, but a legacy should always be balanced with innovation, inspiration and the right ideas. At ISA, they have taken the great traditions of design and manufacturing and made it their own.


These are the 3 white pedestal tables in the back room. Since 1988, Up Country has been a Toronto landmark for designer furnishings. Comprised largely of Canadian-made product, UpCountry’s diverse selection offers high-quality pieces for spaces of all sizes. With an eclectic mix of styles from esteemed designers and brands, UpCountry’s collection includes furniture to compliment to any space.


Elisa Sauvé selected a custom fabric, and had Silva build ash platform bases for the sectional to help conserve them in a commercial setting. Roche Bobois is a world leader in furniture design and distribution. In the 1970s Hans Hopfer created the Mah Jong lounge sofa, RocheBobois’s most recognised and iconic design. The freedom of form that this fully modular low seating system allows broke the designmould and encouraged a completely new way of organizing living spaces. Upholstered in simple plain fabrics at the beginning, today it is ‘dressed’ by some of the world’s finest couturiers.


The two black chairs under the TOM DIXON copper shade are vintage from the 80’s.Nienkämper began importing, and later manufacturing under license, classic European-designed furniture in the 1960s and 1970s. Today the company is recognized for producing some of the best corporate and residential furniture on the market. Nienkämper is now known as KLAUS.


Founded in 1959, ASP has sought to and succeeded in providing schools and industry with visual presentation products of the finest quality. This has been achieved through constant innovation, research and development. All products are 100% Canadian made and come in a variety of sizes and finishes with the utmost consideration to the environment.


This is a very rare antique neon clock with two colours of neon independently lit.


Miscellaneous Vintage Pieces: Marie Antoinette Lamp, Brass Fish Lamp, Victorian Host Station, Black & White Signed Tile Table, 2 Niempkamper chairs, Neon Clock, Vestibule Curtains (custom made): All these elements were purchased from various antique markets throughout the GTA.




Hendrix Foodservice Equipment was founded in 1981 in Brockville, Ontario, where our company head office remains today. From its inception, Hendrix has expanded to include ten locations nationwide, earning a reputation as one of the leading foodservice suppliers in Canada.



Founded in June 2012, DDM Lighting combines 30 years of expertise and experience. Their mission is to provide great lighting and excellent customer experience in the Design, Deliver and Management phases of each project – no matter how small. While Design, Deliver and Manage is our motto and gives us ourcorporate name, we have a much more fundamental approach that guides us in all our interactions and decision-making.


Replicating the sparkling lanterns of 19th-century Morocco, ourarresting globe-shaped chandelier is strung with hundreds of multi-faceted crystals, each polished by hand to a brilliant shine.



The iconic Copper Shade is made from a polycarbonate sphere, which is vacuum metalized with pure copper interior and pure brass exterior to give a double colour effect.

Established in 2002, Tom Dixon is a British Product Design Brand. With a commitment to innovation and a mission to revive the British furniture industry, the brand is inspired by the nation’s unique heritage and produces extraordinary objects for everyday use.




Inspried by Italian lighting designs of the 1950s, the BaccoChandelier features 6 articulating brass arms with steel shades. The Bacco captures the elegant and functional qualitues that defineddesigns of the mid-20th Century. Julian Chichester has established and enviable reputation for classically inspired, quality English furniture. The company design and manufacture remarkable furniture, which combines classic styles with contemporary accents.


Designed by Elisa Sauvé and Maria Denegri


The Nest Bar top is an ASH Butcher Block Style. The front room is a 200 year old Walnut tree from Southern Ontario. Exotic Woods was founded in 1978 by John Arie Hordyk and his wife, Tetje. As a self-employed cabinetmaker with a penchant for the finer materials, John set up shop using his own woodworking equipment and sourcing quality hardwoods, softwoods and veneers from around the world. Today, Exotic Woods occupies more than 20,000 square feet and is operated by John’s two sons John Jr. and Mel. Exotic Woods headquarters has remained in Burlington and houses an extensive inventory of superior hard, soft woods, veneers and plywood.



Perlick is regarded as the Rolls Royce of the bar equipment industry. Family owned since 1917 and headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Perlick Corporation is dedicated to providing innovative, quality customizable food and beverage storage and serving solutions. Perlick is a national manufacturing leader in commercial bar and beverage systems, residential undercounter refrigeration and brewery fittings. Perlick’s commercial line includes custom bar and beverage and refrigeration equipment, innovative underbar items, industryleading beverage dispensing equipment and time-tested brewery fittings. Our products optimize energy use and increase durability to help customers maximize the profitability of their beverage service operations. Perlick’s award-winning, luxury residential product line features indoor and outdoor undercounter refrigerators, wine reserves, freezers, freezer and refrigerator drawers, ice makers, and beer dispensers.



As global metal prices continue to rise, FusionCast provides an alternative to traditional foundry produced cast bronze, signage. The FusionCast process creates signage that is sophisticated and enduring, contains real metal and a prestigious look that is virtually indistinguishable from those produced by traditional methods. The FusionCast Difference is; we only place high concentrations of metal where you see them, on the face of the sign, and not where you don’t. We can also mix different metals in the same piece which is very difficult, in fact, virtually impossible for traditional casting methods. Through our unique process, we can create textures, shapes, reliefs in practically any colour. We can even create textures and colours that mimic wood, stone, brick or whatever else you can dream up. Our design capability will allow you to create a sign or plaque that stands out, is different, unique and memorable.