Designed by: style2


Location: 625, Lebourgneuf BLVD, Quebec City (Quebec) G2J 1C3



Boulangerie Première Moisson (PM) is a well-established bakery chain with 22 locations in the province of Quebec and one location at uOttawa. Lebourgneuf project was PM’s first bakery in the province’s capital. PM wanted their first footprint in the area to be outstanding.





The challenge was to design a modern and chic boutique but yet compatible with PM’s brand genuineness and their passion for the product: the good old handmade bread.

Quebec City is one of the most beautiful city in the world and figures at the UNESCO World Heritage List. Our design had to be made of beautiful materials and be a subtle link between past and modernity.




Our first design element was the workshop glass walls1 used to isolate the back store from the clients’ area. The goal of doing so was to let the baker enjoying more daylight and to give them the ability to see the client’s reaction and comments about their baked products. Conversely, the clients have the opportunity to see the passion and the craftsmanship of a locally fresh made product by the people in the kitchen. This interaction between bakers, employees and clients enabled by this piece of design reproduce the conviviality of a home kitchen where everybody gather and get together. This is the spirit we wanted to create at the Lebourgneuf’s location.


To add to this spirit of bringing people, families and friends together, we have appointed a 16 feet long refectory table2. Made locally of solid wood, this table is an invitation to spend time with each other.




Design with a local spirit

We choose nautical stripes for the bench’s fabric3. Those stripes are classic chic and remind that Quebec City was founded by sailors more than 400 years ago. Same for the wood cabinets4 that express the ubiquity of that material locally.





PM’s is renowned for timeless, high-quality bakery products. To match this spirit, we choose chairs and stools inspired by THONET5. Both are beautifully crafted and will last many years in a commercial usage. For similar reasons, subway tiles have been largely used in the concept.





To create a high visual impact with warm-hearted ambiance we inserted Cementine B&W6printed porcelain stoneware in some strategic areas of the floor. This element rapidly became customers’ talk of the town and a unique signature for this PM’s location.





All countertops are in marble7. For us, marble is more than a stone type. It’s the stone in which the most notable constructions and artworks are made of. It’s also very useful in a food serving environment for its numerous qualities: aesthetic, polished, strong and durable.






A modern touch

We had to complete our design with some modern, yet classic, elements such as Cedar & Moss Alto Rod8 sconces and lighting fixtures. An LCD projector adds ambiance and modernity. Finally, the store is drenched of black-blue and white colored walls and elements. It’s chic, classic and match perfectly the concept.


1 – Custom made
2 – Custom made
3 – Kravet
4 – Custom made
5 – Kurt Peterson Furniture
6 – Ciot
7 – Summum Granit
8 – Rejuvenation


Photos credits:
Manon Dumas, photograph