Designed by: Barbican






Barbican’s new uber-high performance LED cylinders offer up to 100 lumens per watt and are available in one foot increments up to 20 feet.













These solid, one-piece fixtures impart a seamless beauty to their environment. Unlike typical cylinders which use standard opal acrylics, Barbican’s HPCs are lit from top to bottom using a 6-sided internal board and heat sink system.









This assures full and consistent performance throughout the entire fixture, producing an even, ethereal glow.






Built from a specially synthesized material that yields 85% light transmission while offering excellent LED hiding properties, these fixtures can provide all of the light required in a space without using supplemental downlights.







They are fully washable, presenting a sanitary solution for healthcare and hospitality settings.








With RGB capabilities, versatile mounting options, dimming and other sourcing options, these beautiful cylinders can create ambient lighting to meet any requirement for your next project.