Centre dentaire St-Onge

Designed by: A2DESIGN



Intro: For more than 25 years, Dr Alain St-Onge and his team offer state-of-the-art treatments. They offer a complete range of dental treatment, basic examinations, dental hygiene, to the most complex interventions such as surgeries, implantologie, prostheses and other esthetic services.

Location:La Prairie, Quebec

Area: 7 500 Sq. Ft.

Effective dates: The project was completed in February 2015.




Challenges: Planning and designing the new office, situated in a building recently developed by the multidisciplinary team for Management 1650. Ensure that the end result is functional and esthetics to allow fluidity between the various segments of the profession. Develop a current design concept and a new branding image with a pure refined style refering to cleanliness and hygiene, while reflecting the highly technological aspect of the clinic.





Solution: The broken lines, the architectural element, repeats itself in several places in the space, the whole in symbiosis with the new created logo. The white is omnipresent in the space and in all the elements of the stationery to create an impression of purity, cleanliness and sterilization. The environment is accentuated with a vibrant blue colour, the colour of the logo. The warm grey floorcoverings bring an assisse to the purity of the white.





The use of oak wood tones in the millwork and the beams brings warmth to the environment. The tones of blue add a touch of freshness in waiting room, reception, operating and hygiene rooms, refering back in their turn the logo. To conclude, a lighting with state-of-the-art LED technology was selected to assure an effective and efficient lighting in the space.




Result: Today, the St-Onge Dental clinic welcomes its customers in its new highly technological clinic at the height of the quality of the services being offered.






Team: Our team members who contributed to this project are:

  • Céline Pesant, Interior designer APDIQ® certified, Project manager
  • Joannie Fortier, Interior designer APDIQ® certified
  • Catherine Panneton, Artistic director











Photo credits: Adrien Williams


Main suppliers:

  • Lumenpulse
  • Ceragres
  • Tandus