Sporting Life, Cadillac Fairview Sherway Gardens mall

Designed by: Reich+Petch Design International

The stunning Sporting Life store in the new wing of Sherway Gardens gives customers the comfort of a high-end boutique and the varied selection of a large anchor store. Patti Russell, Sporting Life’s COO, and founding partner are proud of that fact that by ͞using natural elements, we have created an outdoor experience for our customers in a modern urban context.”

One of the most challenging aspects of the design was the semi-circular shape of the floor plan. The long curved storefront would have been a challenge to finish and to merchandise. Breaking up the curve into sections allowed for an interesting mix of display techniques on the exterior and flat merchandisable walls on the interior.




The highlights of the store design include the grand entrance portal, eclectic general store, prominent second floor storefront, bright footwear and skylit feature area.

Customers are welcomed into the grand entrance portal, comprised of modern concrete panels, light smooth-faced reclaimed wood, warm large scale stonework, and a dramatic double height frameless glass display case. The portal has immense visual impact from the corridor and naturally draws people into the wood-lined interior space and them up the escalators and grand stair into the large second floor retail experience.




The general store located beyond the oversized modern barn doors is an eclectic mix of painted white brick, dark rusted metal accents, and handwoven Navaho rugs. The oversized antique bottle chandelier adds light and sparkle.

The prominent second floor storefront wraps the curved façade between the two bridge entrances creating a highly visual and animated backdrop to the mall’s new food court. The façade is comprised of dramatic backlit banners, luxuriously fitted display windows and a gigantic media wall with stunning outdoor scenery to temp and entertain.

Footwear is an important destination within the store. The footwear entrances draw attention with its original faced reclaimed wood and shiny stainless steel surround. The interior is bright and comfortable with painted white brick walls, textured and varied slate-like porcelain tile floor and anchored by a custom oversized brown tufted leather 20-person sofa.

The second floor space is structured around the daylit central feature area housing the stores most popular brand: Canada Goose. Large concrete paneled columns and loft style glazing frames the entrance. The focal point of this skylit space is the circular nordic fireplace suspended from the dark wood beam framed ceiling in front of a textured stone and log end wall.

Key Material Suppliers include:
-Eldorado Stone veneer
-Allwood installed, Anazao supplied reclaimed hickory in a variety of finishes and textures
-Hot Rolled Pickled and Oiled mild steel by Anazao
-Century Architexture thin brick veneer
-Dekko Concrete custom faux concrete panels

-Armstong Natural Creations ArborArt vinyl planks
-Century Peninsula Porcelain tile in two colours and three sizes

-Custom Retail fixtures by BGI -Vogue Retail wall standards
-Sporting Life signs and banners by Total Signs
-Custom Sofa by Ideal Sofa