Sport Chek – Yorkdale

Designed by: Stoever Jones Design / Ruscio Studio Inc.

With the objective of taking Sport Chek to the next level, several standard fleet stores were transformed into new flagships by creating experiential world class shopping environments that say “we are the biggest and best sporting goods retailer in the country”.

The Sport Chek Yorkdale store was chosen to be included in this transformation and the renovation consisted of expanding the existing 25,300 square foot space to 44,200 square feet over 2 floors. This involved a complete revamping of the entire store, incorporating additional space on both levels, expanding the opening and relocating the escalator, and adding an internal staircase and elevator. Furthermore, new design elements and departments were introduced to reinforce the brand experience and extensive storefront renovations were required to give the location much more presence in the mall.

The minute you walk through the state of the art curved LED digital “tunnel” entrance you enter the Sport Chek universe. The flooring and ceiling patterns create the flow of traffic and the main aisles incorporate the ‘Sport Chek red’ which guide shoppers through the store, while the neutral walls provide the backdrop for the merchandise.  A balance between masculine and feminine was considered to not alienate any segment of the market.
Large feature display areas at strategic junctions were established and tagged with RFID technology to help shoppers find that special piece or describe its benefits. The service components in the store were also rethought and the illuminated individual cash desk pods allow for one-on-one customer service. The oversized tubular fitting rooms tower above the surrounding wall to become an experience of its own.
In order to maintain a local relevance, a “fan zone” was created to capture those local spirited playoffs, Super Bowl or Olympic moments. This area can easily be merchandised to feature one or several local teams at a specific time of the year.

Several specialty elements were also developed. The “community area” celebrates the close knit ties the brand has with the local sports community and the “cityscape”, an artistic replica of the city of Toronto, further reinforces the connection Sport Chek has forged with the local sporting community.
The “kaleidoscope wall”, a two-story piece of art mounted on the escalator wall, incorporates over 1250 pieces of sporting equipment, all of which were spray painted black to create a kaleidoscope type image. Not only does it provide a unique visual and texture as a backdrop, but it also becomes a distinctive signature piece for the brand.

With 257 screens, a 40 foot digital portal entrance, 46 tablets, and 7 digital 3D hologram displays, the digital elements also play a significant part in the concept as every corner of the store is an experience of site and sound. These elements include interactive and motion sensor screens, touch screens at table and wall displays, illuminated graphics on perimeter walls, and holographic displays on power aisles to add that “wow” factor.
When selecting materials and products for the store, durability and sustainability played a large part.  LED lighting is used almost exclusively; the carpet tiles used in soft goods areas have a large recycled content and high indoor air quality (Green label plus); even the vinyl flooring is 100% recyclable and UL Gold certified.

Overall, the store successfully provides a wide range of product in all categories relating to sports, fitness and lifestyle in an environment that enhances, entertains and provides an immersive and memorable shopping experience!

Design Team:

  •  Stoever Jones Design (Overall concept)
  •  Brenda Jones, Partner, Calgary, AB
  •  Shannen Stoever, Partner, Calgary, AB
  •  Ruscio Studio Inc. (Specialty/custom design elements)
  •  Robert Ruscio, President, Montreal, QC
  •  Sophia Lavranos, Project Manager/Interior Designer, Montreal, QC


Product Source List:

  •  Metro Wallcovering, Omexco, Vancouver, BC
  •  Levey Industries, Oakville,, ON
  •  Knoll Textiles, Vancouver, BC
  •  Lanark, New Castle, IN
  •  Carnegie, Rockville Centre, NY

Flooring/ Walls:

  •  Tandus Centiva, Vinyl Floor Tiles, Calgary, AB
  •  Johnsonite, Inertia Rubber Tile and Wall Base,  Waterloo, ON
  •  Flexco, Natural Elements Wood Vinyl Plank, Grand Rapids, MI
  •  Mannington, Amtico Collection, Calhoun, GA
  •  Interface, Duo and Viva Colores Carpet Tiles, Belleville, ON
  •  Julian Tile, Porcelain and Glass Tile, Calgary, AB
  •  Armstrong, Static Dissipative Tile, South Gate, CA
  •  Euro Tile & Stone Subway Tiles, Burnaby, BC
  •  Olympia Tile Glass Tile, Burnaby, BC

Millwork/ Fixtures:  Millwork/ Fixtures:

  •  Chemetal, Easthampton, MA
  • Glaspro Resin, Sante Fe Springs, CA
  •  Wilsonart Laminate and Solid Surfacing, Mississauga, ON
  •  Corian Solid Surfacing, Calgary, AB
  •  Nevamar Laminate, Spokane, WA  – Formica Laminate, Cincinnati,, OH
  •  Arborite Laminate, Lasalle, QC

-Benjamin Moore, Vancouver, BC


KBM Commercial Floor Coverings Inc (Flooring supplier and installer), Calgary, AB
Robertson Lighting (Lighting throughout), Vaughan, ON
Wilson Fixtures (Fixtures throughout), Mississauga, ON
Milltech Millwork (Millwork and custom fixtures), Edmonton, AB
Compact Storage (Overstock storage), Brantford, ON
Montreal Neon Signs (Stadium graphics), Laval, QC
Twilight Signs and Neon (Interior signage), Caledon, ON
Artisan Complete Ltd. (Custom fixtures)
Gridcast (Custom digital components)