SDG Office

Designed by: SmartDesign Group


Canadian Interiors Awards
SDG Office






When Vancouver-based Interiors and Branding firm SmartDesign Group decided to relocate their digs, their key focus was to create environments that foster collaboration and creativity through the use of open concept work areas and a barrage of visual stimulation. Located within Vancouver’s historic Pacific Central Station, the 5,700-sqaure-foot office with dramatically high ceilings features bold injections of color and an astute level of classical detailing, restoring some of the buildings original historic charm in a modernized rendition.






Custom graphics playfully cover the expansive walls throughout, right down to the individual communal washroom stalls, integrating cheeky jokes and British slang to reference the management team’s lighthearted attitudes and cultural backgrounds. A large scale interchangeable lit marquee sign even allows staff members to display quirky or inspiring messages to the entire team as they see fit. Never boring is an understatement for SmartDesign Group.


Workstations consist of open concept desk areas with vibrant upholstered pony walls creating a community environment with a constant buzz and breaking down the barriers between employees of all skill sets. Various levels of meeting areas are utilized including long communal standing-height tables separating desk rows to encourage impromptu discussions, both large and small private meeting rooms to accommodate various meeting sizes in a formal setting and a large, living room style space where the entire office can gather to discuss projects or just lounge comfortably.



A long kitchen with a double-sided seated island sits adjacent to the living room area, creating a lively hub nestled in the center of the office; perfect for group lunches and the occasional office-wide soiree. Secondary spaces include an open concept sample library comprised of industrial shelving units, a wall fitted for bicycle storage and a rolling bar trolley.




Decorative lighting, sophisticated wallpaper, drool-worthy patterned ceramic tiles, residential style furniture and an eye-catching slab of marble aid in elevating style and class while reclaimed wood surfaces, butcher block, patchwork polished concrete and terrazzo flooring and custom steel factory glazing frames create an interesting industrial contrast. This mixture of varying materials and styles paired with dramatic graphic imagery creates interest at every turn. Oh, and did we mention this office is dog friendly? A love for canines scores brownie points with new hires.



Offering a true home-away-from-home vibe, this edgy office promotes a youthful company culture and a family-knit team environment like none other. The newest challenge SmartDesign Group faces: how to encourage employees to leave the office each evening!



Staff members still search daily for answers surrounding the CEO’s obsession with sheep..



Featured Materials:

Azulej Ceramic Tile by Patricia Urquiola, Stone Tile International Inc. Cole & Son Wallpaper, Tritex Fabrics
Bianco Statuario Marble Slab, Aeon Stone & Tile Inc.
Parquet Butcher Block, Teragren
Reclaimed Truck Deck, Viridian Reclaimed Wood
New Vintage Plank Style Carpet Tile, Mohawk Group
Furnishings by Restoration Hardware, Blu Dot and CB2