The ROCKFON Group/ROXUL Inc. North American offices

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Name of entry: The ROCKFON Group/ROXUL Inc. North American offices
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Name of person submitting the entry: Heather West
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Address (of project): 8024 Esquesing Line, Milton, Ontario, L9T 6W3 Canada
Telephone (of person submitting entry): 612-724-8760
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Key features/solution:
A newly built office in Ontario, Canada, brings together four divisions’ people and products into one building for the first time. The active workspace also serves as a real-world showroom for the tenants’products, including ROCKFON ceiling systems.









Every space in the two-story, 24,000-square-foot office strives to enhance the work environment on a visual, acoustic and energy-efficient level. Demonstrating its commitment to these goals, the building is LEED® Gold certified from the Canadian Green Building Council. The new offices are calculated to perform with an energy target of <100 ekWh per square meter, which is approximately 75 percent better than a typical Canadian office building.



“In developing our new offices, we had a systematic approach,” states Chris Marshall, vice president of marketing and business development at the ROCKFON Group. “We considered the performance of the whole room with respect to its function, its position within the building and its connection to adjacent rooms. This perspective allowed us to consider the best design options for carrying natural light into the building’s core, as well as for managing noise within and between adjacent rooms.”



As examples, ceiling panels with a very high light reflectance were coupled with glass partition walls to help direct the natural light from the building’s exterior through the closed office along the perimeter and into the open offices at the center of the floor plan. To inhibit office noise from traveling through an open space and disturbing people, a highly sound absorptive ceiling typically is required. Due to its open porous structure, stone wool is a high-performing, sound-absorptive material used to manufacture ROCKFON ceiling panels, baffles and islands and imbued with excellent noise reduction capabilities.


Along with acoustic performance, ROCKFON ceiling systems also enhance the office’s contemporary design. Throughout the office, a palette of clay, grays, white and beiges tie everything together with the occasional pop of color.





Key materials/products:
Ceilings – manufacturer: the ROCKFON Group; Chicago;

  •  ROCKFON® Sonar® dB, Sonar® and Alaska® acoustic stone wool ceiling panels in White
  • ROCKFON® Color-All™ acoustic stone wool ceiling panels in Clay and Chili
  • ROCKFON® CubeGrid™ metal ceiling products in Black
  •  ROCKFON® Island™ acoustic stone wool ceiling products in White
  • ROCKFON® Infinity™ Z Razor edge perimeter trim in Satin Silver
  • ROCKFON® Intaline™ Baffle and Planar™ metal ceiling products in Satin Silver
  • Chicago Metallic® 4000 Tempra™ in White and Satin Silver, 1200 in White and 4600 Ultraline™in White and Satin Silver


Other materials provided by –

  • ROXUL Inc.; Milton, Ontario;
  • ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation (RTI);