Residence at Don Mills-8 Berkinshaw Cresc., Toronto, ON M3B2T2

Designed by: Irina Morozova Design

The client was seeking a full interior design solution for their entire house of 5000 sq. f. The space was completely empty on day one. They were looking for a simple and contemporary design for the entire space with clean lines and fresh accents. The client didn’t mind using brave colors. I have invested a good time with my client to better understand their needs for each area of the house, the expected functionality of each space.




While the client and I had complete alignment on the design big picture, we agreed to design and furnish the house one area at a time to accommodate their immediate needs and priorities. The chosen furniture and design elements reflect on the owners personalities, taste and lifestyle. In the implemented design solution, I selected neutral colors with bright accent furniture and accessories.

Some of the primary design material highlights include the following :


I used a high quality “Emerald” paint from Sherwin-Williams. It delivers smooth uniform finish and gives richness of the color and premium performance. Also this paint meets the most stringent VOC regulations, promotes better indoor air quality and reduces interior odors.


For the windows treatment, I used a fashionable, high quality sheer window shadings, “Silhouette” product, from Hunter Douglas for master bedroom and in one of the two offices. I tried to achieve optimal level of privacy and at same time provide exceptional day lighting by harnessing the sunlight and dispersing it deep into the rooms. For the rest of the house I used wood blinds, that provide variable light control, insulates room against heat and cold while saving energy. Also it absorbs sound, improves acoustic in the rooms and protects furnishing from damages caused by UV rays.




For the master bedroom, I selected silk draperies in sunny-gold color that was exceptional. It is a natural product and an elegant option that makes space feel warmer and more welcoming.


For the beddings, I used a genuine quality product from- AuLitFineLinens in shade of grays reflecting cozy and neutral palette. The primary purpose was to improve the sleep quality with optimal comfort.


The rug selection was a luxury wool rugs from “Minster Interiors”. In addition to the lavish look, they brought elegance and sophistication to the space. This product is natural material that has hygienic and non allergenic qualities with no harmful gasses and deters the growth of bacteria and dust mites. These qualities added valuable contribution for the space to become very environmentally friendly.


For lighting fixtures, I used products from Huberton Forge, Suite 22 Interiors, and Sonneman. The chosen products were very fashionable and lavish.


I select comfortable and stylish sofas from “Marc Antonio” for sitting areas. They are an excellent fit for the modern space I created. I used the same brand for the living room, library and basement. Selected sofas were created by skilled designers and craftsman’s with quality materials, meticulous attention to detail. This product was very appreciated by my client and brought the desired style and atmosphere into the rooms.