Metro Liberty Village

Designed by: Pappas Design Studio Inc.

The driving force behind the new concept for Metro Urban was to create an authentic
environment that was tailored for urbanites living in condominiums and urban
neighborhoods. This new concept to be applied in various locations across Ontario and
Quebec, aimed to create an environment that used materials in simple, yet bold ways.

The harmonious color palette was a combination of Metro’s branded red, black, warm greys, stainless steel and walnut wood with contrasting crisp white forms that make
this colour scheme pop. The space’s existing ceiling and columns were left exposed to
emphasize the urban qualities of the surrounding city landscape.

To emphasize neighborhood life and to help tie each store to its community, we collaborated with artist Andrea Costantini to design large-scale urbanite heads whose
silhouette served as a canvas for photographs of recognizable urban landscapes and
landmarks from the community.

Additionally, graphic texts were incorporated into the bakery, dairy and frozen
departments to create soft visual texture and offer a variety of signage for patrons to
easily identify key departments. Crisp yet warm LED lighting showcase products,
highlighted colors and materials as well as enrichened the space by adding rhythm and
movement thus completing this balanced Metro Urban Concept.