Gestion immobilière 1650

Designed by: A2DESIGN




Intro: Property management 1650 recently asked our multidisciplinary team to conceive, plan and build its new mixt-use building of 3 floors, located in La Prairie, and housing the Dr. St-Onge dental office, the Dr. Daniel Godin orthodontics clinic, as well as rentals spaces of commercial and corporate type.


Location:La Prairie, Quebec

Area:40000 Sq. Ft.

Effective dates: The project was completed in February 2015.






Challenges: The mission is to design a complete building and having a unique signature, integrating the progress regarding building energy efficiency and dental technologies, serving the customers and employees. Provide an environment of care and a quality of life at work focused on health. Challenges to overcome: design a building restricting the front parking, while retaining the view of neighboring buildings. The number of parking spaces must achieve a balance taking into account the total floor area and the number of regulatory spaces required. Choice of coating products aiming to enhance the volume of the project, by the selection of noble materials resulting from sustainable choices.






Solution: The multidisciplinary team is offering both a distinctive and sober building, combining the principles of sustainable development. The volumetry of the building is thought to facilitate a smooth and full integration with the surrounding environment. The location and orientation of the building are planned to optimize the amount of natural light inside and increase the visible area on the outskirts of the street. Derogate from standard implementations and establish an angle building, built on two levels, including a large roof terrace with lush vegetation. Articulation of a volumetric consistency with the existing immediate vicinity, creating a crescendo between the heights of the floors rather than a mass effect.





Development of the facade to conceal the front parking, with shrubs, and the integration of a large strip of landscaped development. Segmenting the asphalt with several green islands surfaces, reducing the island of heat while combining aesthetics and soil permeability. Respect of the client values by choosing all materials from the surrounding region. Marquise as a signaling element to create a horizontal line and direct clients, while highlighting the main access to the building entrance. Integration of geothermal heating systems to the building, allowing a considerable saving in the long-term energy cost, while meeting the values put forward by the Client.







Result: Building meeting high standards in energy efficiency as well as an eco-friendly and functional level. In the image of the company, wishing to stand out by its innovative aspect, while maintaining a high degree of social responsibility. Unusual architecture, enabling a fluid and natural building integration. “Green” concept allowing vegetation to play a major role in landscaping and eco-friendly oriented choices.



Photo credits: Adrien Williams

Main suppliers:

  • Lumenpulse
  • Ceragres
  • Vicwest – Alpolic